callme Releases Futuristic Retro MV for their debut single “To shine”!

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callme Releases Futuristic Retro MV for their debut single “To shine”!

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callme, the sub-unit of Sendai’s Dorothy Little Happy, has released the MV for their debut single “To shine” (release date: March 4)!

The group, which is made up of the 3 youngest members of Dorothy Little Happy, KOUMI, MIMORI, and RUUNA, is a “self-produced” unit, meaning that everything from the music to the choreography and outfits are handled by them. As with their debut performance at @JAM the field vol. 7, callme is wearing Mondrian-inspired one piece dresses with boldly striped tights with bob hairstyles. At first glance, one may get a feeling of Perfume or Vanilla Beans but, perhaps that just because there is three of them and they are wearing retro-styled outfits?

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“To shine” will include “Once again” as a coupling song on all versions and the CD-only version (Type-B) will include a third track “Falling for you”. There are also special versions of the single available only at mu-mo or at callme events. The contents of the CDs are the same for all three versions but there is a version for each of the members. Check out callme’s official site to hear a short clip of “To shine” and see the cover art for the special versions of the single.

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