℃-ute Open the Door to the Future in the MV for “To Tomorrow”!
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℃-ute prepare their hearts and minds for the yet unwritten chapters of their life with the MV for “To Tomorrow” from their triple A-side 31st and final single “To Tomorrow/Final Squall/The Curtain Rises” (release date: March 29)!

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Joined by the leaders and sub-leaders of the Hello! Project groups, ℃-ute dance with them for one of the last times. Emphasizing the possibilities of post-idol life, there are also scenes of them walking on a mountainside in white dresses, with only the endless sky above them. “To Tomorrow” features music and lyrics by Tsunku♂ and arrangement by Shunsuke Suzuki.

“To Tomorrow/Final Squall/The Curtain Rises” will be released in 4 CD/DVD limited editions and 3 regular versions. Type-A includes the MV for “To Tomorrow”, Type-B includes the MV for “Final Squall, and Type-C includes the MV for “The Curtain Rises”. “Final Squall” has music and lyrics by SHOCK EYE and arrangement is by Masashi Kusano & soundbreakers. “The Curtain Rises” features music and lyrics are by Tsunku♂ with a rap arrangement by U.M.E.D.Y. and arrangement by Shoichiro Hirata. The first press limited edition includes the dance shot videos for “To Tomorrow”, “Final Squall, and “The Curtain Rises”. All 3 limited editions include lottery tickets for ℃-ute events and the regular version include 1 of 6 (5 solo and 1 group) randomly selected trading cards “To Tomorrow” (Type-A), “Final Squall (Type-B), and “The Curtain Rises” (Type-C).

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