BiSH Shine Brilliantly At Zepp Tokyo for NEVERMiND Tour Finale! Makuhari Messe is Next!

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BiSH Shine Brilliantly At Zepp Tokyo for NEVERMiND Tour Finale! Makuhari Messe is Next!

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BiSH crossed another bridge on their journey to Nippon Budokan as they closed out their NEVERMiND Tour with a white-hot performance at Zepp Tokyo on March 19, 2017.


As always, producer/manager Junnosuke Watanabe went out to greet the seisōin (fans), inviting any females to make their way up to the special female priority area near the front of the stage as there were around 2,700 fans packed into Zepp Tokyo that evening. He expressed his desire for the day to be one that would live on in the memory of everyone in attendance and pointed out that the performance would be broadcast on MTV Japan on April 28th. The seisōin clapped along in eager anticipation as Judy and Mary’s “Sobakasu” played in the final moments leading up to the theatrical blackout to start the performance. With the guitar intro of “Am I FRENZY??” reverberating through the hall, 6 larger than life silhouettes appeared behind a curtain, the seisōin roaring to life as it dropped, revealing Atsuko Hashiyasume and Aina The End with gold folding fans in their hands, Ling Ling with her rainbow-colored hair pulled up in a chonmage like a samurai, and the Oni Band made up of Takuya Kusunose on drums, Ohara just begun (LUI FRONTiC Akabane Japan) on bass, sound producer Kenta Matsukuma on guitar, backing them up.


The sea of black shirts churned and writhed as BiSH kept on the heat, releasing the 99-second sonic blast of “DEADMAN” quickly followed by the crashing waves of “OTNK”. Cent Chihiro Chitti cheerfully greeted the seisōin, she and the other members of BiSH receiving emphatic cheers as they introduced themselves. Ayuni D joked that the D in her name was for “dynamite”, a throwback to her first appearance with the group at Zepp Tokyo on August 24th of 2016.

Bouncing their way through “Want”, Chitti and Momoko Gumi Company “fought” over Aina, Momoko threw one of Matsukuma’s picks into the crowd, and Aina and Atsuko picked up drum sticks to add some cymbal splashes to Kusunose’s drumming. Circling around Ayuni D, BiSH raced through “Hontō Honki” before settling into the gritty groove of “Hey gate” and turning up the heat with “First Kitchen Life”. Swimming and bobbing to “Departures” and “DA DANCE”, the performance settled into a steady groove before grinding forward into “Primitive”, accompanied by the impressive sight of 2,700 seisōin following their “primal” instincts, throwing their fists high in the air and turning their backs to the stage.

Aina’s husky voice rang out as BiSH floated into “My distinction”, tugging on the heartstrings of the seisōin. The tempo quickened as the members stomped their feet and pumped their fists to “Saraba Kana”, their voices mixing with those of the seisōin as they chanted and sang along. Chitti riled up the seisōin before starting the midpoint stage talk. Atsuko set her sights on Ayuni D, asking if she had grown up in the months since joining the group. Dissatisfied by the meek answer she received, Atsuko persisted in her demands for Ayuni D to produce a tangible display, suggesting she shout something, leading to several humorous gags made famous by Dacho Club. Finally raising her voice, Ayuni D scolded the members and ordered them to hurry up and start the next song.

Flickering their way through “Spark”, the glittery mood lingered as Matsukuma’s Led Zeppelin-esque picking left the seisōin in breathless silence, the voices of the BiSH reverberating through the air for “Stairway to me”. Switching to his Gibson Explorer, Matsukuma and the Oni Band traded off a series of speaker-scorching solos as BiSH left the stage for a costume change.


Returning in their white straitjacket-inspired outfits, BiSH sliced their way through “Hero Wannabe”, the members pretending to be zombies taking bites out of each other. Chitti confessed that she had someone she wanted to introduce, causing Momoko to panic, thinking that a scandal was afoot, more so when Chitti explained that it was someone in a band. Momoko’s fears were put to rest as Chitti explained that it was just the members of the Oni Band, introducing them to the audience in English. Towers of CO2 erupted from the stage, Aina and Ling Ling’s screams piercing the air as BiSH launched into “MONSTERS”, the floor shaking from the jumps of 2,700 seisōin. The tremors continued through “beautiful-sa”, intensifying as BiSH rumbled through “Pira Piro”, collapsing on the stage at the end of the song. Cheers rang out as soon as Chitti’s opening lines for “Orchestra” burst from the speakers, the music wrapping the seisōin up in an overwhelming crescendo of emotion to end the main part of the concert.


Running back out after a few minutes of encore calls, BiSH were joined by Watanabe who announced that the finale of BiSH NEVERMiND TOUR RELOADED would take place on July 22nd at Makuhari Messe Event Hall, a venue with a maximum capacity of 9,000. Chitti promised that it would be the best day ever as BiSH began the encore with “Promise The Star”. Moving right into “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE”, BiSH and the seisōin swayed as they sang along with each other.

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Jumping right into the double encore while still on stage, BiSH put an exclamation point on the evening with back to back performances of their anthem “BiSH – Hoshi ga Matataku Yoru ni –”, Chitti and Momoko calling out for the seisōin to get excited one last time. Silver streamers fluttered down as BiSH banged their heads and raced around on the stage, ending in a big jump. Taking their final bows, the members smiled and thanked the seisōin, bringing down the curtain on their historic night.

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BiSH’s 2nd major label single “Promise The Star” releases on March 22nd and will be released in a special CD/DVD version with a 400% BiSH BE@RBRICK (which sold out as soon as it was made available for pre-order), a CD/DVD Live version, and a regular version. Both CD/DVD versions include the live video of BiSH’s FREE LIVE “iN THE END” at TSUTAYA O-EAST on December 1, 2016, the group’s last performance of 2016 in Tokyo before Aina the End had surgery to remove vocal cord nodules. The BE@RBRICK version also includes a collection of all of BiSH’s MVs and the making of clips for “Hontō Honki” and “Promise The Star”. Starting on March 3rd, “Promise The Star” and it’s coupling song “Help!!” will be available on iTunes as well.

Fan club sales for BiSH NEVERMiND TOUR RELOADED THE FiNAL “REVOLUTiONS” at Makuhari Messe Event Hall open on March 23rd and general tickets for the other 21 dates of BiSH NEVERMiND TOUR RELOADED, which begins on April 1st are now on sale.

Set List

01 Am I FRENZY??
04 Want
05 Hontō Honki
06 Hey gate
07 First Kitchen Life
08 Departures
10 Primitive
11 My distinction
12 Saraba Kana
13 Spark
14 Stairway to me
15 Hero Wannabe
17 beautiful-sa
18 Pira Piro
19 Orchestra

E1 Promise The Star
E3 BiSH – Hoshi ga Matataku Yoru ni –
E4 BiSH – Hoshi ga Matataku Yoru ni –

July 22, 2017 (Saturday)
Makuhari Messe Event Hall
Open – 5:00pm Start – 6:00pm

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Promise The Star / BiSH
Promise The Star / BiSH
Promise The Star / BiSH

Promise The Star [iTunes]

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