Ayuni D Debuts During BiSH Free Live “TBS 2” at Zepp Tokyo!

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Ayuni D Debuts During BiSH Free Live “TBS 2” at Zepp Tokyo!

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BiSH, the “punk band without instruments”, unveiled new member Ayuni D and celebrated the 1st anniversaries of Atsuko Hashiyasume and Ling Ling with an explosive performance at Zepp Tokyo on August 24, 2016! Titled “TOKYO BiSH SHiNE repetition”, aka “TBS 2”, it was the second year that the group had a free live for those who brought a Tokyo Idol Festival wristband, continuing on from 2015 where their 2nd day performances were cancelled.


The crowd of 1,542 “seisouin” (literally “garbagemen”, the name of BiSH fans) assembled in front of the stage, a sea of black T-shirts as the clock ticked closer to 8:00pm. Following an appearance by BiSH’s creator Junnosuke Watanabe, who declared they were witnesses to a historic event, Zepp Tokyo went dark and when the lights came back on, BiSH ran on to the stage, waving their hands and shouting out “BiSH desu!”

Starting off with their anthemic “BiSH –Hoshi Ga Matataku Yoru–”, the “Seisouin” surged forward like a stormy sea, several bodies surfing the crowd. Unlike Tokyo Idol Festival 2016, where they performed the song (and only that song) 9 times in their 2 appearances at Hot Stage and Doll Factory, BiSH moved onto the rest of their catalogue with “beautiful-sa” and “Primitive” before taking a quick pause to give thanks.


Waving their hands and banging away at their imaginary instruments with “Want”, the temperature inside ramped up as BiSH stomped and punches their way through “Saraba kana”. Adding a dash of sweetness with “DA DANCE!!” and its cutesy choreography, BiSH promptly burned it all down with the zombie apocalypse of “Hero Wannabe”, before mixing the two disparate worlds together with “Pira Piro” and collapsing on the stage. Rising to their feet, BiSH marched back and forth across the stage accompanied by the “seisouin” and threw their arms in the air like shooting stars during “Spark” before finally stopping to introduce themselves.

Moving on with the 99-second sonic blast of “DEADMAN”, the performance roared into overdrive as BiSH left a path of destruction behind them as they headbanged through “MONSTERS”. Ling Ling unleashed a banshee scream before jumping into the crowd repeatedly. Unzipping their anthem to a certain body part with the infectious “OTNK”, the main performance drew to a close with “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE”, the members leaving the stage as the “seisouin” began their calls for new member Ayuni D to appear.


Returning to the stage a few moments later with Ayuni D in the middle of the formation, BiSH started the encore with another performance of “Spark”, the “seisouin” cheering loudly as she took her first lines of the song. Joking that the D in her name was for “dynamite”, Ayuni claimed Cent Chihiro Chitti’s self-introduction as her own. Atsuko announced that the title of BiSH’s first full-length album was “KiLLER BiSH” (release date: October 5) and that their new artist photo would be revealed via their official Twitter account after the performance’s end. More good news came as the second announcement was that Ayuni D would be joining the BiSH Less Than SEX TOUR starting from September 1st in Nagoya.


The encore continued with “OTNK” and “MONSTERS” before reaching its climactic end with “BiSH –Hoshi Ga Matataku Yoru–”. Taking the customary group photo, several shouts of “chimpo” (another Japanese word for OTNK) rang out as the camera shutter flashed. Parading their way around the stage waving and thanking the “seisouin” for coming to see them, BiSH brought the curtain down on TBS 2.


“KiLLER BiSH” will be released in a CD/DVD “LIVE” version and a CD version. The live contents of the DVD will be announced at a later date. A special HMV exclusive version includes the contents of the BiSH Cannonball (including unreleased footage) and MVs. The BiSH Less Than SEX TOUR continues its journey through Japan before concluding with the finale titled “Teiou Sekkai” (帝王切開, literally “caesarian section”) on October 8th at Hibiya Yaon.

Set List

01 BiSH –Hoshi Ga Matataku Yoru–
02 beautiful-sa
03 Primitive
04 Want
05 Saraba kana
07 Hero Wannabe
08 Pira Piro
09 Spark

E1 Spark
E4 BiSH –Hoshi Ga Matataku Yoru–

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Title is to be announced (1st Album) / BiSH
Title is to be announced (1st Album) / BiSH


KiLLER BiSH (Loppi/HMV version) [CD+DVD]

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