Aina the End Vows to Return as Invincible! BiSH Ends 2016 With Scorching Free Live “iN THE END”!

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Aina the End Vows to Return as Invincible! BiSH Ends 2016 With Scorching Free Live “iN THE END”!

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It was a night of sweat, tears, and maybe a little bit of blood as BiSH held their final Tokyo performance of the year BiSH FREE LIVE “iN THE END” with 1,300 seisouin (BiSH fans) packed into TSUTAYA O-EAST on December 1, 2016.


It was a blast of controlled chaos, a powerful nonstop 13-song performance that ran high on emotion as the last time many seisouin would see BiSH in 2016; the group’s husky-voiced Aina the End scheduled to undergo surgery to remove vocal cord nodules.

Setting things off with “BiSH – Hoshi ga Matataku Yoru ni –“, BiSH transformed the audience into a stormy black sea of bodies writhing and shouting with excitement. Like a pot of water threatening to boil over, the seisouin bounced along furiously to “Honto Honki”, the heat rising from the floor. Continuing right into the cute and catchy “DA DANCE”, BiSH entered a momentary calm in the storm. Cruising along with “Pira Piro”, the intensity began building up again, Cent Chihiro Chitti diving off the stage, returning just in time to collapse along with the others at the end of the song.


Jumping back up almost immediately, Aina unleashed a fierce vocal blast to start off the 99-seconds of “DEADMAN” before leaping into the crowd, smiling as she rolled around on top of the seisouin, with a few of them trying to swim over to her. Turning up the heat with “First Kitchen Life” and flying their birds high to “beautiful-sa”, BiSH had the inside of TSUTAYA O-EAST as humid as the inside of a greenhouse on a midsummer’s day. Marching across the stage like a game of Hana Ichi Monme with the seisouin following suit, BiSH eased back ever so slightly on the accelerator with “Spark”.


Embracing their “primal” instincts and holding their fists high overhead, BiSH smashed their way through “Primitive”. Aina’s voice cut through the still air to begin “My Distinction”, one of the few “slow songs” of the night. Continuing right into “Orchestra”, BiSH began picking up momentum once again, powered by the energy of the seisouin who sang the ending refrains along with them.

With BiSH having gone offstage, the seisouin moved back and went about searching for the owners of any items left on the floor by crowd surfers (including some accessories from the members’ outfits), an encore call began, accompanied by claps for several minutes. Returning for the encore, Aina did her best to shake off the emotions as seisouin called out to her and held up towels and banners. She thanked everyone for coming to see BiSH, explaining that her vocal cord problems had begun in March, feeling encouraged to keep going because of their support. She joked that she intended to sing until she was hoarse and that she had probably succeeded in doing so. She assured them that she decided to have the surgery to keep singing and that with everyone watching over, she felt that it would be a success, allowing her to become “invincible Aina the End”.


BiSH performed “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE”, binding together the hearts of the members and the seisouin, everyone jumping and swaying from side to side as they sang along. Ending just as they begun, BiSH’s final song in Tokyo was “BiSH – Hoshi ga Matataku Yoru ni –“, bringing to an end one of the group’s most intense and emotional performances of 2016, possibly even rivaling that of their Hibiya Yaon concert.

News of a performer having surgery, especially one regarding their voice, is always cause for concern but, Aina joins Chisato Okai (℃-ute), Akane Takayanagi (SKE48), Sayuki Takagi (Juice=Juice) as just some of the many singers who have had vocal cord polyps removed. In a year which saw their major label debut on avex trax, the departure of Hug Me, the debut of Ayuni D, and their first concert at Hibiya Yaon, expectations are high as for what is in store for BiSH in 2017.

Set List

01 BiSH – Hoshi ga Matataku Yoru ni –
02 Hontou Honki
04 Pira Piro
06 First Kitchen Life
07 beautiful-sa
08 Spark
09 Primitive
10 My distinction
11 Orchestra

E2 BiSH – Hoshi ga Matataku Yoru ni –

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