Surprise? BiSH’s New Album Jacket and Twitter Reveals Their Faces!

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Surprise? BiSH’s New Album Jacket and Twitter Reveals Their Faces!

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Ever since BiS’s ex-manager, Junnosuke Watanabe (WACK), announced the launch of a new idol group, “BiSH,” the group has remained as a mystery for former BiS fans (Kenkyuuin) and idol-fans in Japan. With their announcement of their first self-titled album releasing on May 27th, 2015, “Brand-new Idol SHiT,” they have just released the new album jacket, members with no black color contacts, gradually revealing the mystery of BiSH.

Each of the members, Momoko Gumi Company, Saint Chirio Chitti, Aina The End, and Hug Mii, already have their own Twitter accounts, but their faces remained a mystery until now. They also have announced when the number of their followers reaches 4,444, they will start putting up their selfies. But unfortunately, one of the members, Yukako Love Delux, has already left the group at the beginning of April, due to her “unhealthy condition from overthinking.” Watanabe comments, “We really didn’t expect to have a member withdrawing before the release. We really underestimated the possibility of such a thing happening.”

With their dramatic start, will BiSH rise above their senior group, BiS? Let’s wait and see what’s more left for us to be surprised!

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