Major Debut Kimemaster! Bandjanaimon! Reveal 2.5 Dimension MV “Kimemaster!”

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Major Debut Kimemaster! Bandjanaimon! Reveal 2.5 Dimension MV “Kimemaster!”

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Bandjanaimon! revealed the MV of major debut single “Kimemaster” (Release Date:May 18th).

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The animation in the MV was drawn by Toru Morooka, a famous illustrator. Collaboration with an illustrator is the method Bandjanaimon! often uses as shown in the MV “Kimi no Egao de Sekai ga Yabai”. However, one thing clearly different from the past is their quality of performance. Helped by the choreography done by Lucky Ikeda, Bandjanaimon seemed to leap into a high level. Now it is obvious that they are qualified as a major idol group.

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Bandjanaimon! once belonged to one of major labels but they unfortunately could not obtain chances. They re-started from indies label as they released the album called “Re:start”. As a result of their endless effort, they now come back to a major label! This is the true “Re:start” for them. Ringo Koishio and Gumi Nanase graduated from Akihabara Dear Stage in order to concentrate on Bandjanaimon!, which reminded me of their seriousness to be a major idol group.

They will hold a concert two days in a raw at Akasaka BLITZ on May 17th and 18th. May 17th is the last day as an indies idol group and 18th is the first day as a major idol group. The group now attempts to perform differently in the two days. The audience may witness that the history begins.

Event Information:
Bandjanimon! nationwide Tour 2016 ~Teppen Mezasouze! Mushashugyo-hen~
Date:May 17th and 18th Open:18:15~ Start:19:00~
Place:Akasaka BLITZ

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Kimemaster! / Kimochidake Sankashimasu. / Bandjanaimon!

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