Bandjanaimon! Revamps Website and Releases MV for “Prism☆Rhythm”!

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Bandjanaimon! Revamps Website and Releases MV for “Prism☆Rhythm”!

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Bandjanaimon!, the group that boldly proclaims that is it not a band (the name literally means “we are not a band!”), recently redid their website and released a MV for “Prism☆Rhythm”, the coupling song from their single “Tsunagaru! Kanaderu! MUSIC” (release date: September 17, 2014).

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Wearing outfits that combine heather grey sweatsuits and colorful billowy fabric that looks like it came from an evening gown, the members of Bandjanaimon! film each other while running around a studio in the middle of Tokyo. The song seems to switch musical styles as often as the cameras exchange hands with the only consistent thread being the drumming of leader Misako Suzuki. If you’re getting some slight vibes, it could be because Ringo Koishio and Gumi Nanase came from Dear Stage. If you listen really carefully with headphones on, you can even hear Omomoko Amaterasu’s tingsha cymbals in the song!

If you hurry, you might still be able to get tickets for their solo concert “Band Janai Mon! One-man Live vol. 3 「Kasana-rhythm! Kasana-rhythm!」” at Shinjuku BLAZE on February 7. If you liked this video, it is only a microscopic fraction of what you will experience if you go see Bandjanaimon! live. There’s a reason that their fans are called “Mon-stas”(they’re not scary, they just love having fun)! If nothing else, if you become a fan, you can mess with people when they ask you what your favorite group is. When you answer “Bandjanaimon!” (It’s not a band!), they will probably ask you again and again because they think you aren’t answering the question (even though you are). We are by no means recommending such behavior but it’s something you could do.

“Bandjanaimon! One-man Live vol. 3 「Kasana-rhythm! Kasana-rhythm!」”
February 7, 2015 (Saturday)
Shinjuku BLAZE
Shinjuku Annex B1 Kabukicho 1-21-7 Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Presale: 3800 yen (1 drink minimum)
Open: 5:00pm Start: 6:00pm

Bandjanaimon! official site:

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