Ayumikurikamaki To Make Major Debut with New Album “Shake Shake Shake”

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Ayumikurikamaki To Make Major Debut with New Album “Shake Shake Shake”

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It has been announced that a 3-members idol group Ayumikurikamaki will release new album “Shake Shake Shake” in March 4th 2015, and make major debut from DefSTAR Records with the album.

They announced the news at their own solo concert “Ayumikurikamaki presents Sounekito Iunano GIG Vol.2” on November 3rd, and revealed the album’s release date on their regular appearing music TV program “sakusaku” in November 10th.

Most of you might thought “Shake Shake Shake” is English word, but it’s not. In Japanese, the album’s title is “鮭鮭鮭” and it means “Salmon Salmon Salmon”. We describe the pronunciation “shake” in alphabets, but actually it sounds more like “syake”.

They will hold mini concert tour before releasing the album, and the schedule has been unveiled. Don’t miss it!

Event information
December 9, 2015/Hyogo, Tower Record Kobe
December 13, 2015/Oosaka, HMV Grand Front Oosaka
December 13, 2015/Oosaka, Tower Record Namba
December 14, 2015/Aichi, Nagoya PARCO Nishi-kan 1F entrance
December 19, 2015/Kanagawa, Tower Record yokohama Vivre
December 21, 2015/Somewhere near Tokyo (TBA)
December 23, 2015/Kanagawa, Lalaport Yokohama 1F Central Garden
*Later events’ schedule TBA

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