Ayami Muto Announces Hiatus After Her X’mas Live at Akasaka BLITZ

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Ayami Muto Announces Hiatus After Her X’mas Live at Akasaka BLITZ

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Ayami Muto, a solo idol and a former member of Sakura Gakuin, announced that she would be on hiatus after the oneman live “Muto Ayami X’mas Special LIVE「A.Y.M.X.」” scheduled to be held in December 23, 2015 at Akasaka BLITZ. She announced the news in December 16 at the regular program “Muto Ayami no IroDOLi!”, delivered by LoGirl”.


As of the reason for her hiatus, Muto explains, “I was in the world of entertainment since I was little, and honestly, it feels like I’m here just by going with the flow. Of course I worked hard for every job, but I never thought deeply about what I want to do in the future. And I realized that there’s a limit to that”.
“I am planning to make time to nurture my heart by keeping a distance from the environment that I’m used to. I want to see the different world”.

Muto also says, “But my love towards singing will not, and cannot change. So I will study hard so that I won’t regret the decision I made, and will come back when I feel that it’s the best timing. The hiatus is not something negative, but is only a preparation time for me to sing a song that would touch everyone’s heart. So, it’s not like I’m sick or graduating, but made this decision to  understand who I am”.

The period of hiatus is undecided, but Muto mentions that she will come back once again when she is determined to live by singing. She comments, “Please look forward for the new Ayami Muto!”

Muto debuted as a catalogue model of a children’s wear brand when she was 8 years old.  In 2008, she debuted as a singer by being a member of the 1-year-limited elementary school student unit “Karen Girl’s”, and in 2010, acted as the first president of student council (leader) of Sakura Gakuin for 2 years. In the same year, she made a solo CD debut after numbers of lessons and lives, and sold out the tickets for the oneman live held at Shibuya Koukaidou in April.

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