AKB48 U-19 Selected Members Releases Short MV for “Accident Chu”! Look at the History of Japanese Seifuku!
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Under 19 members of AKB48 released their new short MV for “Accident Chu (During an Accident)” (release date : March 15).

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The MV which sings about a girl who unexpectedly fell in love shows the members of the group dancing in hakama (traditional Japanese clothing often worn in graduation ceremonies) at their school gym. Scenes other than them dancing shows the transition in school uniform from 1868-1912 Meiji fashion until 1960-1980s Sukeban fashion.

CD of “Accident Chu” is included in AKB48 47th Maxi Single “Shoot Sign” Type D and E, which will be on sale from March 15.


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Went to an international school in Japan from kindergarten to high school and currently studies social studies as a major at a university in Tokyo. I am interested in the Japanese idol-culture and am a big fan of Hello! Project idols!

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