AKB48 Na-nya Puts on Her Favorite LIZ LISA Clothes Only Available at Shibuya 109 and Online Shop!!

AKB48 Na-nya Puts on Her Favorite LIZ LISA Clothes Only Available at Shibuya 109 and Online Shop!!

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AKB48’s Na-nya as Nana Owada became an image model of the famous Japanese girls’ brand “LIZ LISA”’s original clothes for 109, Shibuya’s biggest fashion mall.


Owada is one of the featured members of next generation, and loves wearing LIZ LISA for her normal clothes. Now, for a limited time, she is selected as an image model of LIZ LISA wearing original clothes that is sold only at Shibuya’s 109 and online shop.

She already finished the shooting wearing those clothes. The flyers are lined up at 109 and Owada has been showing up on the LIZ LISA blog for several times. The original clothes that she wore for the shooting is already on sale at Shibuya 109, and will be sold on July 3rd online.

img_AKB48-LIZLISA_01 img_AKB48-LIZLISA_02

During the shooting, the studio was filled with Na-nya saying cute all the time watching the 109’s original clothes. Even though it was her first time being a model, she dressed perfectly and had huge smile on her face the whole time. The clothes she wore has three patterns with two colors each which is a total of six patterns. Please check LIZ LISA homepage for more details.

Na-nya commented on her Google plus page that “I wore four new items and one 109 original dress at the shooting. It was a rare and exciting experience since I love LIZ LISA for a long time! It would be nice if I can have other experience like this.”

Nana Owada’s Profile

Birthday: September 15, 1999
Place of birth: Chiba Prefecture
Height: 155cm
Blood type: A

Passed the audition in 2013 and became the 15th generation member of AKB48. After AKB48 formed a cabinet in February 2014, Owada was assigned to Team B, and became the regular member. In the same year of April, she played the leading cast in the drama “Sailor Zombi”. In addition, she was announced to be a member of the new unit “DendenmuCHU!” in March 2015.


Established in September 1999 and opened its first shop in SHIBUYA 109.
A representative young brand in Japan that created its own world of “Kawaii”.

Brand Concept


While having a retro taste, LIZ LISA aims to integrate some girlishness in their fashion.

A girl who find her own way of life. Looking for a girl who enjoys fashion and is “girlish” in a different way from others, while following the latest trends.

Brand Homepage :

LIZ LISA SHIBUYA 109 Limited Items

On sale from July 1st!

Summer Girlish Stripe One piece \8,700 + tax
Part Number: 152-6008-0
Color: White, Pink

The one piece has a lovely design with the design of flowers in the front.
The organdy skirt is fluffy and makes you look mature♪
It is a limited item that is only sold at Shibuya 109.

LIZ LISA SHIBUYA 109 / WEB Limited Items

On sale from July 1st at SHIBUYA 109!
On sale from July 3rd 19:00 at Tokyo Kawaii Life!
– Set up Peplum tops \6,900 + tax
Part Number: 152-1501-0
– Set up Bottoms \6,900 + tax
Part Number: 152-5501-0
– Sailor-like One-piece ¥9200+tax
Part Number: 152-6501-0
Color: Navy, Pink 

Store Guidance

LIZ LISA Shibuya 109 store , 5th floor

2-29-1 Dogenzaka
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
TEL : +81-3-3477-5155

Tokyo Kawaii Life (LIZ LISA Official Online Store)
LIZ LISA Official Blog

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