Kyoto Bloodbath Showdown! AKB48 Majisuka Gakuen Musical Report Part 2!

Kyoto Bloodbath Showdown! AKB48 Majisuka Gakuen Musical Report Part 2!

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Gekikara and Otabe, two of the most dangerous characters in the Majisuka Gakuen universe took the stage at AiiA Theater in Tokyo for a limited run (May 14-May 19) of “Majisuka Gakuen ~Kyoto Keppu Shuugaku Ryokou”, a musical adaptation of the popular schoolgirl delinquent (yankii) series. Starring Rena Matsui (SKE48) as Gekikara and Yui Yokoyama (AKB48) as Otabe, it has to be the most physical theater production staged by the AKB48 groups to date!

The story so far has Gekikara being released from a correctional facility and returning to Majisuka Gakuen where Otabe is her only friend left at the school. The two Rappapa members are joined by Guts (Yuka Tano) and Team Kebab (Juri Takahashi, Ryoka Oshima, and Saya Kawamoto) as they take a field trip to Otabe’s hometown of Kyoto where they encounter the flashy Dendeke gang from Mibuodo High School. Check Part 1 of this report for more details and pictures!

Otabe and the rest of the Majisuka group return to the temple to resume cleaning and meditating but, it isn’t long before a challenge arrives attached to an arrow! Guts attempts to read it but is hung up on the kanji. Otabe prepares to face off once again with her old rivals.

Disclaimer: There will be many spoilers from this point on.

Despite Otabe’s pleas with Dendeke to leave Gekikara alone, Hijikata uses the information that was gathered to force her to join them and become their mascot. Putting a chain around Otabe’s neck, the members of Dendeke beat her mercilessly!

Unaware of what has happened to Otabe, Guts and the others start their day at the temple. Gekikara drags in Uribou and finds out what Dendeke has done. However, she seems unwilling to go and bring her back.

Guts and Team Kebab rush over to Mibuodo to rescue Otabe but are shocked to find her dressed in the uniform of the enemy! Otabe even takes the Majisuka flag from Guts, drops it on the ground and steps on it!

Guts returns and attacks Gekikara out of frustration. Gekikara sings a heartbreaking solo version of “Inochi no Imi” before putting on her jacket and deciding to go bring back Otabe. As snow falls lightly, Guts holds an umbrella for Gekikara as they return to Mibuodo.

The showdown between Gekikara and Otabe begins! As the fight progresses, that familiar maniacal laugh rings out and Otabe is knocked to the ground!

Picking up metal pipes, the duel escalates. As both fighters are breathing heavily and leaning on each other while struggling to stay on their feet, Gekikara asks Otabe to come back with her. Eventually losing, Otabe limps off stage as Dendeke celebrates their temporary victory.

Armed with a straight razor and a taser, Kamisori and Zombie step up to fight Gekikara right away. Unfortunately for them, the Gekikara they fought before was completely different than the one they were facing!

Having used her screeching guitar riffs to upset Gekikara earlier, Okita’s techniques were no longer effective. In an amusing twist, Gekikara takes Okita’s guitar and launches into the solo from “Korogaru Ishi ni Nare”! It might be one of the most ridiculous and unexpected scenes in the musical (not counting the scenes with Uribou) but, Rena Matsui even pulled off miming the two-handed tapping parts too!

While Gekikara and the others manage to fight off most of the remaining members of Dendeke, a large group attacks all at once! Otabe reappears in a Majisuka uniform and with 2 wooden swords in her hands (nito-ryu!) and blocks the metal pipes! At this point, the fighting switches to slow motion as confetti flutters down from the ceiling. With all of the different fights going on simultaneously and weapons being used, this makes the action easier to follow and a lot less dangerous. Having defeated all of their enemies, Gekikara and Otabe head back to Tokyo, walking through the aisle and out one of the side exits of the theater, followed by Guts and Team Kebab.

Gekikara returns to the stage to sing “Sakura no Ki ni Narou”, joined by Otabe and the rest of the cast as the song progresses. Each of the different factions made their way to the front of the stage to take their bows as the audience applauded loudly.

Walking to the front of the stage with a microphone stand, Gekikara ended the show with “Mae Shika Mukanee”. All of the cast members joined in for an energetic finale after an action-packed 130 minute musical! It’s hard to believe most of them can still stand at this point, much less perform 2 songs with so much energy and smiling cheerfully!

Returning to the stage one final time, Yui Yokoyama thanked the audience for coming and hoped that everyone would make it through the musical without getting injured. With all of the fight scenes and weapons involved, not to mention all the confetti presenting a slipping hazard, performing “Majisuka Gakuen ~Kyoto Keppu Shuugaku Ryokou” twice a day from May 14-19 may be the most impressive physical feat pulled off by any of the members of the “48 groups” so far! If you weren’t able to see it in person, make sure to get the DVD when it comes out!

Songs Used
Sakura no Shiori
Majisuka Rock’n’Roll
Teppen Tottande!
Tengoku Yarou
Oshibe to Meshibe to Yoru no Chouchou
Majisuka Fight
Hana to Chire!
Inochi no Imi
Next Heaven
Korogaru Ishi ni Nare
Tsuyokimono yo
Kodoku na Runner
Sakura no Ki ni Narou
Mae Shika Mukanee

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Photos by Yosuke Mochizuki

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