AKB48 Wants to Scare the Pants Off You in the Closet Drama “Adrenaline Nights”!

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AKB48 Wants to Scare the Pants Off You in the Closet Drama “Adrenaline Nights”!

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The closet drama “Adrenaline Nights” (originally written, and produced, by Akimoto Yasushi), which features 90 members from AKB48, opened on October 6, 2015 at Zepp Blue Theater Roppongi and will close on October 13, 2015 after 18 performances.

Prior to the premiere, a press conference was held on the same day with director Yukihiko Tsutsumi, group leader Minami Takahashi, and 4 other members, Riho Kotani, Megu Taniguchi, Miki Nishino, and Madoka Moriyasu, who performed in the first show alongside Takahashi. This was followed by the dress rehearsal with full production staff.


During the press conference before the dress rehearsal, the 5 members talked about the closet drama and expressed their enthusiasm and aspirations towards this new challenge, with Takahashi saying she “hopes to scare everyone.”

Riho Kotani, whose Kyoto heritage gave her trouble with intonations of her lines, admitted that she is afraid of scary things in general, and could not sit through more than 5 seconds of the supplementary DVD, which was given to performers at the beginning of the project. She was also unable to attend rehearsals of other members for the same reason, and this confession prompted others members to poke fun at her, saying, “that’s no good, you know?”


On the other hand, Madoka Moriyasu, who was afraid she would appear presumptuous for saying this, revealed for the first time that she wants to become an actress and that she “wants to learn as much as possible from participating in the drama.” Her aggressive attitude was in stark contrast to that of other members, who are all rather nervous because of the drama’s unique format.


As for Minami Takahashi, who claimed she can actually “see things”, she talked about an audio malfunction that occurred when she was rehearsing one of her scenes. Members were shocked to hear that Tsutsumi-san further scared Takahashi by claiming “It’s here! It’s coming for you!” during the incident.


akb48-theatre-adorenarinno-yoru-03 akb48-theatre-adorenarinno-yoru-05

With regards to holding the script while performing, Takahashi and Kotani both thought it was difficult and that their shoulders were stiff from it. When the other 3 members expressed no concerns over the posture, they lamented with “seems like it’s only us 20-somethings having shoulder issues…” and drew laughter from the reporters.

Comment from Minami Takahashi (from pre-performance interview)
Since it is the premiere, the 5 of us are extremely nervous. We hope you find it interesting that the 5 members chosen for each performance will come from different groups.

Based on Tsutsumi-san’s directions, we will do our best and hopefully put on a performance that scares everyone. Thank you for your support.

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