Akari Fujita Graduates From Party Rockets!

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Akari Fujita Graduates From Party Rockets!

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In an entry posted to the Party Rockets Ameba blog on July 16, 2015, Akari Fujita announced her graduation from the group.

Akari apologized to the fans for the sudden announcement while expressing her love for them and Party Rockets as a whole. Having struggled over the decision, she felt that it was necessary in order for her to move towards her dream (which she did not specify). Citing how far Party Rockets had come with the 3 of them in the group together, Akari was full of praise and admiration for Fumika Kikuchi and Haruka Yoshiki, having known them for most of her young life (Akari and Fumika when she was in her 2nd year of elementary school and Haruka in her 5th year). She mentioned that if they had not been in the group with her, she didn’t think that they would have been able to be as successful as they had been. Even though she knew it would be painful to be apart from them, Akari vowed to do her best to make sure that her decision would not be in vain.

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Haruka Yoshiki responded with an entry on the Party Rockets Ameba blog shortly after Akari’s announcement. She expressed gratitude for Akari for being with her and Fumika as they kept Party Rockets going after the graduation of Koume Watanabe (currently a member of SUPER☆GiRLS) at the end of 2013. Haruka assured the fans that Party Rockets would continue with their current activities, which include appearances on both days of Tokyo Idol Festival 2015. At the same time, she asked that they be patient as preparations to create a new Party Rockets were underway.


Fumika Kikuchi’s post on the Party Rockets Ameba blog described her shock at hearing the news, her face turning white and being unable to stop crying. Having known Akari since their 2nd year of elementary school, it was unthinkable that they would be apart. Even after unsuccessfully pleading with Akari to reconsider her decision, Fumika began wondering if Party Rockets was going to end and if she should leave the group as well. However, remembering all the support that she received when Party Rockets would leave Sendai to perform, Fumika resolved to keep trying her best to make them a group that their fans, friends, and family could be proud of.

The staff of Party Rockets and Aruaru City Entertainment responded with notices that announced that Party Rockets would be leaving the management of Aruaru City Entertainment and moving to Rocket Beats, which is the record label that the group is signed to. Akari Fujita would remain with Aruaru City Entertainment.


Akari Fujita had been a support member for GALETTe when they were promoting their first mini-album “Grooving Party” (release date: March 25, 2015) and even appeared on the cover of the Type-D version. Following the example of 1st generation Koume Watanabe who graduated from Party Rockets on December 12, 2013 and became a member of SUPER☆GiRLS on February 23, 2014 or Yuka Konno (December 28, 2012) and Airi Tsujimura (October 14, 2012) who joined the now-defunct Aither on June 15, 2013, it wouldn’t have been surprising if the graduation announcement would have been accompanied of one of Akari being named as a new member of GALETTe. Party Rockets is currently holding auditions for new members.

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