Produce Your Own Aikatsu! Unit! App “Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!!” will be Released This Winter!

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Produce Your Own Aikatsu! Unit! App “Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!!” will be Released This Winter!

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Aikatsu! is an idol simulation game that became the transmission of the another break of arcade card game. The game has been widely popular from kids and adults. Not just the game, but also many media of Aikatsu exists; anime, movie, live, and official shop that sell clothes and goods. The 4th season of the anime is on air this year, and the live performance by AIKATSU☆STARS!, the original idol unit of Aikatsu! which sings the opening and ending theme for the anime, is fixed next year at Osaka and Tokyo.


Additionally to Aikatsu! arcade card game and Nintedo’s 3DS game, first smartphone app game will be released this winter!! “Aikatsu! Photo On Stage!!” is an idol experienced simulation game where you assemble your own unit using a photo collected in the game, and start a live which the flow of the game is similar to the Aikatsu! arcade card game. Original story and fashion coordination will appear, and familiar songs from Aikatsu! and app original songs can be played in the game.

Contributor Wanted!!

Pre-registration started and registration people overcame two hundred thousand people!! It easily overcame the pre-registration campaign’s goal. The campaign was planned to give gifts to people who pre-registered when the number of pre-registration overcame the goal number. The campaign successfully ended with the settlement of giving 25 normal stars that can be used in the game, super rare photos of Sumire Hyodo, and Yurika Todo.

Aikatsu! Official Homepage:
Aikatsu! Photo on Stage! Homepage:

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