Feeling Exhilaration, Even Through a Mistake: Experiencing the “Kabe-Don” Japanese Girls Love So Much

不覚にもドキドキw 全日本女子が憧れる「壁ドン」を体験してみた
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Feeling Exhilaration, Even Through a Mistake: Experiencing the “Kabe-Don” Japanese Girls Love So Much

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For those familiar with manga or anime, you may already know what “Kabe-Don” is. But for those who don’t, it is the best possible romantic situation that could happen. It happens when someone leans over someone else –who is against a wall– with one arm (or rarely both arms)… then DON! (The sound of something hitting a hard surface) This is what causes excitement and exhilaration.
「壁ドン」ー日本のマンガやアニメに詳しい方ならばご存知かもしれないが、壁ド ンとは日本の女子にとって、最高の恋愛シチュエーションである。相手を壁際まで 追い込み逃げ場をなくし、片手(稀に両手)で相手越しに壁を突く・・・そして ドーンッ! これがたまらなくドキドキする、というのである。

To be honest, I have never come across a girl who doesn’t like “kabe-don.” Just like there aren’t any boys who wouldn’t like to be fed by a girl, there aren’t any girls who wouldn’t like to experience “kabe-don.”

As loved as “kabe-don” is, sadly, in reality, there aren’t many instances to experience it. Because of that sad fact, someone created a “kabe-don cafe.” It is located inside of Sweets Paradise on Takeshita Dori for a limited time of two weeks. So, Tokyo Rad Girls Saaya went there with curiously and fear.
そんな壁ドンだが、リアルな世界ではなかなか体験する機会がない、というのが悲しい事実。だがそんな辛い現状に目も当てられない悪い大人が作ってしまったのが、この「壁ドンcafe」だ。原宿の竹下通りスイーツパラダイス内に、2週間の期間限定 でオープンした。ということで、Tokyo Rad Girlsさーやが怖いもの見たさで行ってみた。

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Written by Ayaya
Translated by Misato
Photo by Kenta Kuzuhara

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