BiS! BILLIE IDLE! Maison book girl! 2nd Announcement for Gyu-No Fes in Utsunomiya!

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BiS! BILLIE IDLE! Maison book girl! 2nd Announcement for Gyu-No Fes in Utsunomiya!

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It seems like almost all of the Brand-new Idol Society (BiS) will be back together for Gyu-No Fes in Utsunomiya on October 29th and 30th! The newly resurrected BiS (Pour Lui) joins BILLIE IDLE (First Summer Uika, Nozomi Hirano), Maison book girl (Megumi Koshoji), and previously announced GANG PARADE (Saki Kamiya) for the event put together by Gyuzo as part of the VERY GOOD LOCAL Tochigi project and a celebration of the 10th anniversary for Orion Square, which is in the center of the city with the support of Link Tochigi Brex (basketball), HC Nikko Ice Bucks (ice hockey), Tochigi SC (soccer), Utsunomiya Blitzen (cycling), and Nasu Blazen (cycling supplies).

Other musical guests include idol groups with connections to Tochigi prefecture: Maneki Kecha, Tochiotome 25, Faint⋆Star, STARMARIE, Maboroshi Karen GENE, and musicians P.O.P and Sunaga t Experience.

lyrical school and GANG PARADE, who will also be performing at Gyu-No Fes in Hakuoh-sai which begins on October 29th, will make special appearances. Regular Gyu-No Fes groups like BELLRING Girls Heart and Stereo Tokyo will also perform, as well as Rhymeberry, Watarasebashi 43, Prism Bell, Girls q/b, Lovely☆Candy, and more to be announced later.

Designated cheerleader for Wako City, Saitama Prefecture and Yamada-machi, Iwate Prefecture Furusato Ambassador Kaori Matsumura (SKE48 Team KII), Yaizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture Friendship Ambassador Shiori Aoki (SKE48 Team KII), and Sano City, Tochigi Prefecture “Sano Brand Princess” Nao Fukushi (SKE48 Team E), and Japanese comedian/Olympic marathoner (representing Cambodia) Neko Hiroshi have been scheduled to appear.

Performances at Orion Square (Iwashita Shin-Shouga Stage) will be free to watch but a wristband will be required to go to Utsunomiya Heaven’s Rock (au Shop Utsunomiya Techno Police Stage), SPACE LAB π (Umakara Sauceco Stage), or snokey music public house six (snokey records Stage). There will also be lots of food showcasing Tochigi’s local specialties so there should be something for everyone!

Gyu-No Fes in Hakuoh-sai
October 29-30, 2016 (Saturday, Sunday)
Hakuoh University, Main and East Campus
Open/Start: TBA
Admission: Free

Orion Square 10th Anniversary Gyu-No Fes in Utsunomiya
October 10, 2016 (Sunday)
Orion Square, Utsunomiya Heaven’s Rock, SPACE LAB π, etc.
Open: 10:00am Start: 10:30am
Orion Square: Free admission
Utsunomiya Heaven’s Rock, SPACE LAB π: 3,000 yen (presale) 4,000 yen (door) + 1 drink minimum

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