The 29 1st Generation Members of BNK48 Revealed at JAPAN EXPO THAILAND 2017!

The 29 1st Generation Members of BNK48 Revealed at JAPAN EXPO THAILAND 2017!

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BNK48, the latest overseas sister group of the AKB48 franchise, debuted their 29 1st generation members at JAPAN EXPO THAILAND 2017.

Following a Nana Okada-centered performance of “Heavy Rotation” and “Aitakatta”, the 5,000 fans gathered in the venue caught their first look at the members of BNK48. While introducing themselves, some of the members of BNK48 were overcome with emotion and moved to tears.

After the live, the 6 visiting members of AKB48 were given presents by their new kouhai and posed for more pictures with them.

BNK48 will carry on AKB48’s tradition of “idols you can meet” with a theater and an Internet open studio located in EmQuartier which are scheduled to open in April of 2017. Starting in March of 2017 will be a 13-episode variety show titled “BNK48 SENPAI” which will air weekly on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 9:45pm to 10:45pm on CHANNEL 3 SD. Team 8’s Karin Shimoaoki, Narumi Kuranoo, Misaki Terada, Karen Yoshida, and Yui Oguri have been confirmed as appearing as well.

Nana Okada comment:

I was surprised to see how cute, pretty, and slender they all were! I’m happy I was able to meet them, there were some who told me, “I’m your fan” with tears in their eyes and some that tried their best to speak in Japanese. I’m really happy that I came to Thailand and I think I fell in love withe country and the members of BNK48. I strongly hope we can do a concert together. It’s like a dream come true! I will keep trying my best!

Saya Kawamoto comment:

I was moved when I first met the members because they are all so cute and have good style, and even though the group was just formed and there are a lot of young members, they seemed very level-headed! From now on, we’ll be working together are “48 Groups”, so I’m really glad and look forward to seeing what they will do! We want to work hard and come back to Thailand and do concerts and events with them and communicate with them more. At the same time, I’m motivated to keep trying my best so that I won’t lose to them. Thank you for today!


Rina Izuta comment:

Ever since I heard that BNK48 was going to be formed, I have been looking forward to it! I was able to meet the members of BNK48 while appearing at JAPAN EXPO THAILAND! I was really nervous to meet them and my heart was pounding but when they came out to greet us with their bright smiles and tears in their eyes, I became filled with expectation to as what these pure and gentle girls will become. When AKB48 returns to Thailand or BNK48 comes to Japan, I really want to sing and dance together with them! As “48 Groups”, whether it’s in Japan or in Thailand, I think it’ll be great if we can get excited together!

Megu Taniguchi comment:

Meeting the members of BNK48 for the first time today, they are all very pretty and we could feel how reliable they seemed as they were able to express their feelings to us honestly. Even though there may be a gap between us, I look forward to us making things exciting together and working hard to become better too!


Kayoko Takita comment:

Everyone in BNK48 is really cute and they left an impression on me when we met and some of them were crying. Everyone has such a lively and fresh feeling to them that I have high hopes for them! I want to see what they are like singing and dancing as soon as possible. There are members who can speak Japanese too so I want us to do lives and events together!

Miyabi Iino comment:

The members of BNK48 are really cute with their beautiful smiles but most of all, they’re full of energy! And their style is incredible! It’s a bit of a bad habit of mine to look for parts that I like but it’s something I really admire! As an international group, there are some bilingual members and others that can help interpret for us so it7s really great. Because there are a lot of members, I’d love it if we can stand on a stage together at a concert or theater performance.


Set List

00 Overture
01 Heavy Rotation
02 Aitakatta
03 365 Nichi no Kamihikouki
04 Oogoe Diamond
05 Koi Suru Fortune Cookie

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