Rina Izuta Moved to CGM48 And Became the Theater Manager!

Rina Izuta Moved to CGM48 And Became the Theater Manager!

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On July 10, 2019, in Bangkok, Thailand, it was announced that BNK48 member Rina Izuta will transfer to the newly born group CGM48 and become the theater manager.

AKB48’s new sister group “CGM48” based in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, whose formation was announced on June 2, is recruiting members until July 15.
The Thai group is the second sister group, following the Bangkok based “BNK48”.
CGM48 is named after “Chiang Mai” and the team color of CGM48 is refreshing green.
About auditions are available on the official Facebook page.

And From BNK48, Rina Izuta and Aom transferred as a new CGM48 member.
Rina Izuta has announced that she will also be the theater manager of CGM48 and Aom will be the captain of CGM48.

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CGM48 Captain & CGM48 Shihainin~ #CGM48

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Rina Izuta, the theater manager said,
“I am not sure if I can play a big role as a theater manager and member, but since this is the first sister group to be established in the same country among overseas groups, I would like to live up Chiang Mai, Thailand as a base for CGM48 together with BNK48, which is currently gaining momentum.”


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