[Breaking News] Sako Makita Announces Her Graduation From PASSPO☆

[Breaking News] Sako Makita Announces Her Graduation From PASSPO☆

Akasaka BLITZ flight held on May 31, 2015

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Sako Makita, who began her indefinite hiatus from PASSPO☆ after the Akasaka BLITZ flight held on May 31, 2015, announced her graduation from the group on December 30, 2015 via an entry on the PASSPO☆ official blog.

This was a surprise announcement but, fans will be able to see her again at a public event titled “Makita san no Makita Journal Sotsugyou Special” to be held during the new year. The details will be announced soon.

Below is a message from Makita herself posted on the official blog.

Message from Sako Makita

Hello everyone! This is Sako Makita!
As of today. I graduated from PASSPO☆.
I have been on hiatus since the flight held on May 31st.
During the hiatus, I could look back at myself steadily; it was impossible when I was in PASSPO☆ and engaged in activities without stopping.

I’m going to graduate from university in March as well.
Because 2015 will end soon, I thought that it would be the best time for me to restart and announce my graduation from the group.

During my hiatus, I learned a lot of things, see people that I couldn’t see before, and I also understood how I was over-optimistic. At the same time, my goal was becoming clear. I knew what I had to do and what I want to become.
I also know well that many people had looked forward to seeing me dancing and singing with PASSPO☆ again.

But, I’m not halfhearted, I believe in my decision.

Though I go my way sometimes, I really am thankful to the staff, crew, and especially passengers who continued to support me even though I was away from PASSPO☆.

I’m proud of the time I spent as PASSPO☆.
Thank you for the experiences. I want to continue my activities as a choreographer, director, and songwriter. I also want to do my own solo activities in the entertainment industry.
PASSPO☆ has restarted and is going to re-debut on Nippon CROWN.
Though I chose a different path, please support PASSPO☆ and me from now on.
I want to return the favor for everyone someday, though it may take some time.

Thank for very much for your support.

Best wishes to all!

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