Affirming Your Life and the Happiness to Enjoy it –The Review of Seiko Oomori’s New MV for “Gekiteki JOY! Before After”

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Affirming Your Life and the Happiness to Enjoy it  –The Review of Seiko Oomori’s New MV for “Gekiteki JOY! Before After”

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Seiko Oomori released the MV for “Gekiteki JOY! Before After” from her double A-side comeback single “ JOY! Before After” (release date: February 17). Compared to the previous work “Magic Mirror” singing about the unfortunate feeling loneliness, however in the new work “Gekiteki JOY! Before After”, she sings about the happiness of life.

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As Charlie Chaplin once said “Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot.”, this song reminds us of such a proverb. For example, we can see the mentality from the lyrics “Mounting Kaihi no Biyoushitsu. Tamashiro Tina chan ni Shite Kudasai!!! Nijikan-go Takkee Shampoo Kawasarete No Damage Zetsubou Gokko de Taikutsu wo Ijimeyou”. (free translation : The hair salon you can escape from “mounting”. Please make my hair like Tina Tamashiro!!! However the people forced me to buy super expensive shampoo after two hour passed at the salon. No damage? Let’s play this depression and kill the time”. This lyrics suggest the meaning of enjoying life no matter what happens.

The MV is consisting of the scenes from Higashi Kanae’s (Rurumu) first film work “Heavy Shabby Girl”, which gathered attention soon after Shibukaru Matsuri last year. This film features Rei Kuromiya, also known as a member of LADYBABY, and a fashion model Raimu. It describes the contrast of the two girls, one is having dream but no money to make it come true, and another is rich but having no dream. The difference of them is vividly shown in the MV as well.

However, it must not be the only message Seiko Oomori wanted to show. The video clips pick up the scenes where girls are smiling, as the theme “Gekiteki JOY! Before After” intended to. Look Rei Kuromiya’s face around 1:40 in the video! I wonder how many people will be saved by her smile! Her smile shows that she is affirming her life in a way, no matter how broken her life is!

Seiko Oomori always has been saying “My tiny one-room is the whole of my universe”. The phrase is used in the lyrics of the song, “Iki wo Surudake Iki Suru Dake de, JOY, Joy to the One-room”. This implies that meeting something/someone who can give shocking happiness (“Gekiteki JOY”) makes your life 100 times more joyful. The song “Gekiteki JOY! Before After” is definitely one of them.

“ JOY! Before After” will be released on February 17th, as double A-side single. The day February 17th is, J-pop singer YUKI’s birthday, whom Seiko Oomori adores. Is this coincident or not? Well, that’s not important. Seiko Oomori delivers “JOY” of life to us, as YUKI used to before.

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