An idol supporting application is called CHEERZ. It is used all over the idol fans in the world. English, Chinese, and French are also available other than Japanese. In TGU, we interview the top three people in the campaign every month.

We’ve got Yuyu Arata and Yuno Yurano from Iketeru Hearts, and Kotone Asakawa from Nazotoki RPG Idol Last Question this month. As a guest, we invited an anime-ish idol called Momochi Minami who performed at several events abroad! In this interview, the fledgling idols will listen to Momochi senpai’s story to become a worldwide idol.

―First, please introduce yourself.

Minami Momochi (Momochi) :I am the world’s first anime-ish idol, Minami Momochi damochi~! Nice to meet you mochi~!


Yuyu Arata (Arata) :My name is Yuyu Arata (aka Yuyushimu) and I am the leader of Iketeru Hearts. I can speak Chinese at an every day conversation level. I am learning English using online every day, and I tweet in English in Twitter. I also upload lectures on Chinese on YouTube. I want to be more active in that kind of field. Nice to meet you.


Yuno Yurano (Yurano) :I am the member of Iketeru Hearts and I love women’s pro-wrestling and giant isopod. I want to do a work related to those this year. Nice to meet you.


Asakawa Kotone (Asakawa) :I came from the world of RPG, I’m going to travel with you. I am the warrior of Last Question. My name is Asakawa Kotone (aka Kochan). Nice to meet you.


-Momochi, can you please tell me the process of going abroad and the lesson and suffers you had? How did you seize the opportunity of going abroad?

Momochi: Well, I made collaboration goods with several apparel makers and food makers, but among them I was introduced by the apparel maker which sells socks for my first event in Indonesia. There is a project which does Japanese pop culture event abroad, and the Japanese people who plan those events talked to me. After that, I went to Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc. I didn’t sell myself alone, so I want to thank to the people who gave me a chance.

-How was the reaction of the foreigners at first?

Momochi: They looked at me directly and saw me as if they’ve never saw an idol like this before. They looked excited. In the event, I did he DJ for the anime song mainly, and there were many customers who loved anime or idol in that event. That’s why they enjoyed the situation of anime-ish idol dancing to favourite anime songs. I met most of the customers for the first time, but I saw the place uniting into one, so I had a really nice experience.


-I see. Anime songs are popular abroad. By the way, do you guys like anime?

Every one: Of course!!

Asakawa : I love so many anime, so it is hard to choose one, but I especially like “Umimashimaro” or “ARIA.”

Asakawa: This season, I am into an anime called “Rakugoshinju.” An voice actor called Akira Ishida’s performance is really amazing. I knew about him from before, so when I first saw the anime, I was surprised that it was Ishida!

Yurano: I love Sailor moon from long time ago, and I frequently watch old anime many times.

Arata: Recently, there is a revival of old anime, and it is rebroadcasted!

-There are many foreigners who have an interest in Japan because of anime. That means, in order to succeed overseas, there is nothing to lose if you know about anime.

Momochi: There are many people who learn Japanese through anime!

Arata: The popular anime in Japan and abroad is the same.


-By the way, Momochi can you speak English or any language?

Momochi: I can only speak English at a primary school level. When I go to an event abroad, I always memorise the language in the airplane, so that I can greet using the local language. However, I forget it when I come back! I tend to forget words I learnt previously, so I memorise it many times. I try to learn the local language, because when an artist or performers from abroad says “Konnichiwa” in Japanese, our tension will get high right? I want to do the same thing to them.

-Absolutely. It is a great idea to think about your favourite artist coming from abroad, and imagine what made you happy. Momochi, what other tough episode did you experience abroad?

Momochi: I don’t really like hot places. For example, outdoor festival. Also, this summer, I went to Singapore as a DJ for anime song. That event was not an invite, however we had a little support, but we went there with ourselves with the DJ colleagues to let people know about the DJ culture for anime song.

However, it was really hard to go abroad only with ourselves. When we arrived at the airport, we didn’t know where to go. For the accommodation, we made a mistake and booked a shared room (for backpacker). When I opened the shower room there was a man taking a bath and I was so surprised. That was the only toughest part.


-Did you hit in a slump before?

Momochi: For me, I work as a DJ for anime song, a presenter, a ring announcer for pro-wrestling, make a young-adult fiction by myself other than just doing an idol, so I haven’t really hit in a slump yet. If I’m going to hit a slup, I think I will try new things and make myself busy.

On the other hand, I try into many different things, so when I think about my most selling point, I can’t think of one. Having one selling point that stands out may be necessary to represent Minami Momochi, but because I’m trying into many things, I want people to know about me from many different fields. There were people who knew about me from pro-wrestling event, Nico nico live broadcasting, public reading event etc. The fans told me that they got to know a lot of new stuff as well, so I will not change myself.

-The Iketeru Hearts went to France and Singapore before right? Do you have any questions to ask to Momochi?

Momochi: If you’ve done that many performances, you don’t have any questions to me right?

Arata: No, we do have a question! We had many experiences doing live performance and enjoyed the music together with the fans, but we have a difficulty in MC. For France, it was our first oversea expedition, but we couldn’t say anthing and we just did it with vigor. How did you communicate with the fans?


What is Momochi’s advice?


Been working in girls’ fashion magazines for a long time and am now the chief editor of Tokyo Girls’ Update. I have more expertise in Japanese teen fashion than anyone else (probably)! I’m a huge fan of the Revolutionary Girl Utena and Bakemonogatari animes.

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