Team 8 Excels in 7 Events to Win the 1st AKB48 Group Sports Day!

Team 8 Excels in 7 Events to Win the 1st AKB48 Group Sports Day!

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AKB48 and their sister groups in Japan (SKE48, NMB48, and HKT48) assembled in Tokyo Dome on August 25, 2015 for the “1st AKB48 Group Sports Day” (Dai-ikkai AKB48 Group Dai-Undoukai). A total of 13 teams (274 members) took the field in front of an estimated 45,000 fans to show off their competitive spirit and athletic ability in a 7-event tournament. Continuing from the 2nd AKB48 Sports Day at Ariake Colosseum on May 9th, Team 8 was once again standing in the winner’s circle.


Beginning with the 50m sprint, each team sent out their fastest members for a dramatic 8 heats which resulted in Moeri Kondo (Team 8) grabbing first place by a slim margin over Anna Ishida (Team KII) and Rena Nozawa (Team 4). SKE48 had a strong showing in the obstacle course, lead by the fiery Jurina Matsui and held together by their teamwork, with at least one team finishing in the top 3 positions for each of the races.

There were a variety of techniques on display during the high jump, including the textbook Fosbury flop of Serina Kumazawa (Team KIV) but, in the end it was the unorthodox Ikumi Nakano (Team 8) that set an event record and claimed 1st place by clearing 120cm. Miki Yakata (Team S) took an early lead in the 1,000m run but was overtaken by the odds-on favorite Yuri Yokomichi (Team 8) who broke away from the pack to win. Sakura Miyawaki (Team KIV) miraculously found herself on the outside looking in during the group jump rope competition, causing Rino Sashihara (Team H) to zing her out of disbelief as how such a thing could have happened.

NGT48 made a surprise appearance. It was their 2nd performance after their debut in Niigata on the 21st but it was their first time in front of all of the other 48 groups as well as 45,000 fans in Tokyo Dome, who gave them a warm welcome.

There was also a performance of “Halloween Night” by all of the members (excluding NGT48). Despite SKE48’s strong finish in the team relay, Team 8 once again took 1st place. Their efforts were not completely in vain as Team S, KII, and E occupied 2nd through 4th place. All of the members of Team 8 were given a trip overseas (location undisclosed) as a reward for their efforts.

Team B found themselves in last place, which carried with it a punishment of having to help clean up Tokyo Dome after the event. Rie Kitahara (NGT48) joined her former teammates Yuki Kashiwagi and Mayu Watanabe, which helped them finish quickly despite being shorthanded.

50m sprint

1st Moeri Kondo (Team 8)
2nd Anna Ishida (Team KII)
3rd Rena Nozawa (Team 4)

Giant Obstacle Course

Race 1 Team S, Team BII, Team N
Race 2 Team E, Team S, Team M
Race 3 Team K, Team KII, Team BII
Race 4 Team 8, Team KIV, Team KII

*forward roll -> balloon popping -> piggyback race -> net crawl -> tricycle -> candy search -> sack race -> 3-legged race

High Jump

1st Ikumi Nakano (Team 8) 120cm (event record)

1,000m relay

1st Yuri Yokomichi (Team 8)
2nd Riko Sakaguchi (Team H)
3rd Tomu Muto (Team K)

26th Aika Ota (Team KIV)

*2 members selected from each team – 3 laps around the field inside Tokyo Dome

Arm Hang

1st Miru Shiroma (Team M)
2nd Konomi Kusaka (Team BII)

Group Jump Rope

1st SKE48
2nd AKB48
3rd NMB48
4th HKT48

*10 members from each group participate with the winner determined by highest number of jumps/rotations completed

Team Relay Race

1st Team S
2nd Team 8
3rd Team KII
4th Team E
5th Team BII
6th Team K

10 members from each team selected
100m race baton relay
top 3 teams from each group with a 6 team final

Final Standings

1st Team 8
2nd Team S
3rd Team KII
4th Team E
5th Team BII
6th Team K/Team M
8th Team 4/Team N/Team H
11th Team A/Team KIV
13th Team B

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