Niigata Proud! NGT48 Finally Reveals Its First Generation Members

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Niigata Proud!  NGT48 Finally Reveals Its First Generation Members

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Niigata sister group of AKB48, “NGT48” revealed its first generation members at Niigata City History Museum on August 21, 2015. The 26 members, including the captain Rie Kitahara and Yuki Kashiwagi, appeared riding a boat on the Shinano River!

It was a bit drizzling on the day, but nevertheless, around 1,000 fans came to see their first stage. It was so special that they appeared with the group’s original costume from their first concert. The costumes are inspired by Toki, the Niigata bird with white and red color.

They performed AKB48’s “Aitakatta” and their original song “NGT48”, introducing Niigata’s popular places and products. For the center position, Minami Kato (Katomina) was chosen. Only 2 songs were originally scheduled however, they got an encore and performed “NGT48” again.

NGT48’s story has just started. Let’s see where they will go from now!




Message video from NGT48 on Twitter 

The member’s profile video 

All the NGT48 First Generation Members (26 members)
*The names are listed in Japanese alphabetical order. (Name/Birthday)
Yuria Ootaki/ April 21, 1995
Yuka Ogino/February 16, 1999 (draft 1st place)
Tsugumi Oguma/December 15,2002
Minami Kato/January 15,1999
Yuria Kado/June 22,2000
Yuki Kashiwagi/July 15, 1991 (doubles AKB48)
Rie Kitahara/June 24, 1991 (the captain)
Aina Kusakabe/February 6, 2002
Anju Sato/November 5, 2001
Riko Sugahara/November 23, 2000
Reina Seiji/April 19, 2001
Moeka Takakura/April 23, 2001
Mau Takahashi/June 3, 2001
Ayaka Tano/July 20, 1997
Rika Nakai/August 23,1997
Ayuka Nakamura/July 28, 1998
Miharu Nara/March 20, 1998
Marina Nishigata/October 16, 1995 (draft 2nd place)
Nanako Nishimura/August 11, 1997
Rena Hasegawa/March 15, 2001
Hinata Honma/November 10, 1999
Ayaka Mizusawa/November 5, 1994
Aya Miyajima/November 27, 1997
Fuuka Murakumo/July 5, 1997
Maho Yamaguchi/September 17,1995
Noe Yamada/October 7, 1999

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