Yurumeromo! and Hijo Kaidan Team Up to Take You to the Noise!

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Yurumeromo! and Hijo Kaidan Team Up to Take You to the Noise!

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New wave idol group Yurumeromo! have joined forces with legendary noise band Hijo Kaidan again for a studio album titled “Watashi wo Noise ni Tsuretette” (release date: March 18) and they have just released a short MV for the song “Suima” from that album. This is the second time that the two groups have collaborated since the live album “Kaitaiteki Koukan Mayonaka no Heavy Rock Party” which was recorded on September 26, 2014.

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Hijo Kaidan has been been performing since the late 1970’s and have previously collaborated with anti-idol group BiS as BiS Kaidan as well as Hatsune Miku as Hatsune Kaidan. From what is shown in the video, “Suima” seems to be rather tame compared to BiS Kaidan or the kind of “music” that Hijo Kaidan is usually known for but don’t let your guard down! Yurumerumo! also performed with garage rock band Guitar Wolf on March 8th at Otsuka Hearts+ and that sounded and looked like a wild noisy night too!

Track List
01. Take Me To The Noise
02. Suima
03. Shitte wa Ikenai Shinjitsu no Ohanashi
04. Noise Guitar jamboree
05. JCB68
06. nose no(i)se nose
07. Red Lip Cream
08. MJK (Modern Jazz Kechon)
09. Noise Inshouha Sengen
10. Kaitaiteki Koukan II
11. Shibuya Musou
12. Take Me To The Noise Forever

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Watashi wo Noise ni Tsuretette / Hijokaidan x Yurumerumo! (You'll Melt More!)

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