Watch-ch-chi! Dream5 Released New Dance Lecture Video, “Youkai Taiso The 2nd Verse”

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Watch-ch-chi! Dream5 Released New Dance Lecture Video, “Youkai Taiso The 2nd Verse”

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Dream5’s new releasing single, “Youkai Taiso Dai-ni (Youkai Exercise The 2nd Verse)” has also released their short version music video from avex Official Youtube Channel.

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This is the continuation of their mega-hit “Youkai Taiso Dai-ichi (Youkai Exercise The 1st Verse), ”which was the ending theme song for the social phenomenon anime series, “Youkai Watch.”

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The music video and the dance-lecture video by the choreographer, Lucky Ikeda, was released today, May 8th, celebrating the anniversary for the very first episode of “Youkai Watch” aired. Also, the short version of the new single will be released May 9th, tomorrow, on iTunes Store and Reco-choku.

It just seems as though the Japanese people are fond of songs and dances that regards with simple dance moves or exercise moves. There has been traditional exercise called, “Rajio-Taiso (Radio Exercise)” in Japan, audio exercise airing from the NHK radio which induces for basic stretches and warming up. Traditionally, elementary-school kids will attend  their nearby parks with the other residents in the neighborhood and do the exercise early in the morning during summer vacation. Not only for exercise and for daily routine, but this also affects social interaction with neighboring people and friends and teamwork to do the same exercise moves. So it seems that “Yokai Taiso” was attracting elementary kids naturally with their funny moves and exercise, as well as their moves that people can dance.

Also, from one of our previous special articles, Manako (from Q’uelle)’s Tokucha’s “Taishibo Taiso (Body Fat Exercise)” is also a similar phenomenon. The moves from “Taishibo Taiso” are very simple for everyone to do but yet effective for our body, like the Radio Exercise. And with the spread of “Odottemita Videos(‘We danced’ Videos),” it’s very culturally relatable for the Japanese people to dance and/or exercise to these simple moves both as a exercise and for fun; two birds with one stone!

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The single for “Yokai Taiso Dai-ni” will be released on June 17th (Wed), 2015, and it will be released in three different formats; CD+DVD (Full-length music video) version, only CD version, and Limited Edition Version released from Itoh Yokado. For the limited version selling at Ito Yokado, there will be 13 different types of trading jacket.

Why not have this one a try with fun exercising!

Track List

01.  Yokai Taiso Dai-Ni
02. Title Unannounced
03. Yokai Taiso Dai-Ni(Original Karaoke Ver.)(※CD+DVD Ver. and CD Ver.Only Included)
04. Title Unannounced(Original Karaoke Ver.)(※CD+DVD Ver. and CD Ver. Only Included)

01. Yokai Taiso Dai-Ni (Music Video)
and more


Yokai Taiso Dai Ni / Dream5

Yokai Taiso Dai Ni / Dream5

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