BILLIE IDLE Serves Up Curry And Nostalgia For Everyone In Their New Music Video For “be-bop tu-tu”!

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BILLIE IDLE Serves Up Curry And Nostalgia For Everyone In Their New Music Video For “be-bop tu-tu”!

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BILLIE IDLE, the NOT IDOL group, just released new music video for the new single “be-bop tu-tu” on their official Youtube account on September 2nd (Wed), 2015.  This is the single-cut from their second album, “ROCK “N” ROLL IDLE,” which will be sold from September 16th (Wed), 2015.

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The music video was directed by Goodman Takei, with the idea driven by the producer of BILLIE IDLE, NIGO (most well-known as the designer of the world-wide popular street brand, A BATHING APE), who was inspired from the opening credits of the 1980s Japanese television drama. With the videotape texture of the video and the lyric of the song is presented as a cast credits, it brings the nostalgia for the generation who have were hooked to this kind of television dramas back in the 80s, and it would also bring new inspiration for the digital generation who have never experienced the 80s entertainment. This reflects the “neo-80s” that BILLIE IDLE has held up for their upcoming releases.

The video mainly includes the mixture of the footages of their show at a live house and scenes of the members working at a curry restaurant. Girls working hard to succeed as a group are closely related with BILLIE IDLE themselves. Also, there are scenes where members walk around Harajuku area, shows their appreciation for their home ground as well.

Some of the behind-the-scene facts for this video, the curry restaurant that the members are working at in the video, “Curry Up” is actually a real curry restaurant located in Jingu area, and the member, First Summer Uika mentions on her Twitter account that the clothes that the members wear in the video are their own and she has selected for Yasui.

The “be-bop tu-tu” was also released through iTunes and AWA on the same day as well, so don’t fall behind with the “neo-80s” style with BILLIE IDLE!





Date: October 10th (Sat), 2015
Venue: Laforet Museum Harajuku
Open: 16:00
Start: 17:00
Price: 3,500yen

BILLIE IDLE Official Site:
BILLIE IDLE Official Twitter:

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