Yurumerumo! Build a Rocket Ship to Escape the End of the World in the MV for “Yume Nante”!

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Yurumerumo! Build a Rocket Ship to Escape the End of the World in the MV for “Yume Nante”!

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Yurumerumo! have blasted off with the MV for “Yume Nante” from their upcoming EP “Bungaku to Hakai” (Literature and Destroy) which will be releasing on August 12, 2015!

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Yurumerumo! is facing the end of the world by an earth-killing meteorite on a collision course! The video was directed by Mani Kato, who also directed the MVs for “Nemutai CITY vs Dokusho Nikki” and “Hamidasumo!”. The song was composed by singer-songwriter Shobo Midorikawa and and arranged by Kazuma Hashida from Hakoniwa no Shitsunaigaku. Even though the lyrics are about a young person without dreams, the music is relaxing enough to almost make you forget that the world is about to end. The thumbnail photo for the YouTube video was short by photographer Miti Fo (みてぃふぉ).


“Bungaku to Hakai” is only being released in one version. The second track “Refresh Your Jewellery Box” is a “sparkly royal road pop tune” (more like a conventional idol song perhaps?) courtesy of Halafanie (onetrap) and performed for the first time at Yurumerumo!’s Liquid Room one-man live on August 9, 2014. The third track “Only You” is a more than 7 and a half minute “psychedelic trance-inducing song with twin-drums, a variety of percussion instruments, and elements of shoegaze alternative rock piled on top of each other which will transport one’s brain into outer space” (loose translation).

Yurumerumo!’s upcoming schedule includes performing at Tokyo Idol Festival 2015 on August 1st and 2nd, Idol Sonic (Summer Sonic) on August 15th, Akasaka Blitz with Shinsei Kamattechan on August 16th, and @JAM EXPO on August 29th.

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“Bungaku to Hakai”

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