Yurumerumo! Hold a Live For Ghostly Audience at Movie Premiere!

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Yurumerumo! Hold a Live For Ghostly Audience at Movie Premiere!

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Yurumerumo! held the Tokyo premiere of their first starring film “Onna no Ko yo Shitai to Odore” at Cinem@rt Shinjuku on October 31, 2015! It was also the first time in Japan that there would be a live performance added to the customary “butai aisatsu” (greeting and talk by the cast and director) that accompanies movie premieres.

Greeting the audience in the lobby with paper sankakukin (one of the Japanese words for the triangular white cloth worn on the heads of ghosts), the members of Yurumerumo! handed out candy to anyone who said “Trick or Treat!” to them. Of course, there were sankakukin for the audience to wear too, making it look like several hundred spirits had gathered to watch a movie! There were also copies of Eiga Special CD “Onna no ko yo Shitai to Odore” and a limited edition T-shirt among other goods which were for sale near the entrance to the theater. The screening of the film began at 3:30pm and without giving too much away, “Onna no Ko yo Shitai to Odore” was every bit the quirky movie that was advertised in the trailers!


The aggressive beats of “Yuru Toro (slo-mo!)” blasted from the overhead speakers and the fans, who had been dead quiet during the film, came to life, raising their voices in excitement as Yurumerumo! came out on the stage in their Halloween costumes.

Beginning with “Asada (Movie version)”, they hopped around to the bouncy cowbell rhythm. Chibo and Chiffon engaged in fisticuffs with Younapi declaring Chiffon the champion. One of the audience members must have had a fever because they brought along a cowbell to bang along.

Continuing with “Amen (Movie version)”, a thunderous mix and calls erupted from the seats as Yurumerumo! rocked and slid across the stage to the prickly guitar intro. The tempo picked up and they hopped along to the bass beat as the cowbell made a return.

Greeting the audience from the stage, Yurumerumo! thanked them for coming out to the premiere and shot off party poppers. Receiving no reaction from the audience to their costumes, Chiffon remarked that it must be because they were all dead. When Younapi asked who enjoyed the film, a polite round of applause was received.

The cheerful horn-accented “Sono Hokano Mina-san”, one of the new songs from the film’s special CD, followed. The rest of the members joined the audience in extending their hands in kechas towards Mone during the middle of the song.

During “OO (Love) (Movie version)” all of the members grabbed their usual folding paper fans but for some reason, Ano used a paper cup that had been unfolded instead! The lights dimmed, giving a ghostly glow to the stage.

The live performance at a movie premiere in Japan came to an end with “Ningen wa Sukoshi Fumajime”, the MV for the song reflected on the screen behind Yurumerumo!, the stage almost going as dark as it had been during the screening. Chibo and Chiffon ran into the aisles to sing their verses as the waves of heavily effected guitars washed over the audience.

After the live, Yurumerumo! and director Kayoko Asakura thanked everyone for coming out to the premiere and were interviewed about the film. The members explained the concept of their outfits: Chiffon was the Cheshire Cat, and even arranged her hair to make the ears. Chibo was a cursed French doll. Despite looking a lot like Red Riding Hood, Ano proclaimed that she was a ladybug. After scaring everyone the previous year, Younapi decided to be a cute demon. Keeping with the theme of dead girls, Mone was Menma from “Ano Hana”. Kechon explained that she was trying to capture the spirit of Dr. Jekyll, being the good side during the day, changing to a darker costume to represent Mr. Hyde when Yurumerumo! went to Shibuya WWW that evening to close out Shibuya Fes.

Director Asakura expressed her happiness to be able to make a film with Yurumerumo!, praising their individuality and the growth that they showed in performing during the course of production. When asked about the scenes that left an impression with them, Chiffon remembered the scene where she was fighting with the katana and when they were cleaning up the filthy apartment of a nightclub hostess. Chibo also answered that the apartment cleaning scene was unforgettable for her because of an incident with a rice cooker. Ano, who dies several times throughout the film, joked that anyone who wanted to commit suicide might watch those scenes for consultation. Younapi revealed that the scenes where she got to fire the guns excited her even though it felt dangerous. Kechon mentioned the scene where Chiffon kept trying to close the back door of the van but was too short to reach it, another scene where she, Younapi, and Chiffon trap the villains, and the recurring theme of her showing up at the last minute. Mone cited the scene where they were dancing on the rooftop, which she choreographed, and the one where she’s eating cookies.

“Onna no Ko yo Shitai to Odore” premieres in Osaka at Cinem@rt Shinsaibashi on November 14th, the same day that they start a tour in support of their second album “YOU ARE THE WORLD” (release date: November 11). Yurumerumo! will perform in a 7-cities, finishing up at Zepp Diver City Tokyo on December 20, 2015.

Photos by Ken’ichi Takagi

Set List

01 Yuru Toro (slo-mo!)
02 Asada (Movie version)
03 Amen (Movie version)
04 Sono Hokano Mina-san
05 OO (Love) (Movie version)
06 Ningen wa Sukoshi Fumajime

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