Photo Report : Lottery Winners Have Received “Coconut Sable” Biscuits!

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Photo Report : Lottery Winners Have Received “Coconut Sable” Biscuits!

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Tokyo Girls’ Update has monthly giveaway campaigns, and here are our winners for the month of April. These are limited Edition Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku and 5572320 (their alter ego band) packages of Coconut Sable biscuits.
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Our five winners finally got the items, and three of them were kind enough to send us pictures! Thank you so much!

Oliver (France)!


Christian (UK)!


Regina (Singapore)!


Thank you to everyone for applying! The campaign for July 2015 is a selection of 4 skin care products from makanai Cosmetics! Developed by women who worked under rough conditions in Meiji Japan, makanai has been gaining attention for being gentle on the skin and effective against damage caused by the sun and heat.


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