Wasuta Powers Up With Electrifying Live Band Performance at Zepp Diver City!

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Wasuta Powers Up With Electrifying Live Band Performance at Zepp Diver City!

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Wasuta passed through a historic checkpoint as they opened the curtains on their one-man live concert The World Standard〜Yume ga Aru Kara Tsuite Kite ne〜 at Zepp Diver City on April 22, 2017. In addition to a power-packed performance in their first attempt with a live band, it brought with it the news of a new tour and their upcoming appearance at Japan Expo Paris 2017.

Opening with a video combining elements of role-playing video games and comic books, images of the members of Wasuta flashed across the screen to the cheers of the fans and the heavy bass and synth of the overture thumping from the speakers. The curtain dropped and Zepp Diver City trembled as fans jumped, cheered, and danced along to the wildly popular “Inu-Neko. Seishun Massakari”, the glow of penlights mixed with smartphone screens as they snapped pictures and shot video of the members on stage. The mood became more aggressive with “Kanzen Naru Idol” as Wasuta banged their heads and grabbed at the air and the crowd thrashed along with them to the hyperactive high tempo dempa metal sounds. Throwing their hands high in rock, paper, and scissors gestures, Wasuta rocked along to the funky grooves of “Gu-Choki Pantsu no Seigi-san” before leaving the stage for a costume change as a video continuing the adventure through their fantasy world.

Returning in their pastel-colored outfits, Wasuta shuffled along to the light breezy rock of “Yuumei ni, Nyaritai”, leveling up as they swung their arms like gogo dancers and rattled through the choreography which featured elements of para-para and baseball signals. Greeting the audience, Wasuta was met by waves of applause and cheers. Nanase Hirokawa called out cheerfully, “We’re finally at Zepp! Put your hands up!”. Citing their global concept, the members introduced themselves using foreign languages, Ruka Mishina in Korean, Ririka Kodama and Nanase in English, Miri Matsuda in Chinese, and Hazuki Sakamoto in French. Gesturing to the NEKONOTE BAND behind them and asking the fans to post a lot of their pictures and photos to social media using the hashtags #tws_live or #わーすた, Wasuta jumped back into the music with “Doki Doki♡today”. Nanase and Ruka went offstage, leaving Hazuki, Ririka, and Miri to whip the crowd into a frenzy with the foot-stomping rock of “Nikoniko Han-bun-ko”. Another video continued the adventure as Wasuta departed for another costume change.

Sound producer Manaka Suzuki put on a pair of LED cat ear headphones as she took her place behind a DJ booth, the members of Wasuta skipping back out in seifuku with gingham skirts. The mood took on that of a nightclub as the bass thumped and airy synths of “Pawawawawan!!! Power Puff Girls” pumped through the venue. The electronic beeps and bubbling 8-bit harmonies of “NEW Nyaku Nyaku Nya Suizokan 2” accompanied Wasuta as they swayed in imaginary ocean breezes. Far Eastern melodies blended with new-wave synths for Wasuta’s new song “Magical Word”, the members using their language skills to add a series of international greetings into the lyrics.

After another video and a costume change, Wasuta appeared in white and polka dot outfits to perform a new song “Nee Ai Shite Mite”, a gentle ballad with strong vocal harmonies and light melodies. Turning up the heat with the spicy flamenco sounds of “Lan Lan Jidai”, Wasuta’s performance accompanied by acoustic guitar and stand-up bass had a vibe similar to MTV Unplugged or a fashionable coffeeshop. The mood shifted to that of a smokey juke joint with “Zili Zili Love”, Wasuta kicking up their feet to the jazzy boogie rhythm.

Nanase and Ruka sat down on stools at the middle of the stage, flanked by the bassist and guitarist for a special acoustic version of “Suki na Hito toka Imasuka”, the audience silent as they listened intently. Another video played, this time bringing Wasuta to a world with 3 suns.

Returning to the stage after another costume change, Wasuta jabbed the air and wagged their fingers as they cruised along to the bright and cheerful mid-tempo rock of “Just be yourself”. Ruka called out to the fans to sing along with them to “Wonderful・World” and received an overwhelming response as the floor shook as they danced and bounced along while raising their voices. The adventures of Wasuta reached its dramatic climax as they unleashed their “Ultra Mirakurukuru Ultimate Choco Beam”, Ruka taking aim with a bazooka that sprayed metallic streamers on the audience.

After a few minutes of a “Wasuta, Wasuta, Wasuta-chan” encore calls, Wasuta made their reappearance, wearing customized versions of the limited edition T-shirts made special for the evening. Beginning with a new song “stay with me baby”, the voices of the members reverberated into the night as they harmonized to the slow ballad arrangement.

The NEKONOTE BAND kicked into a higher gear, banjo notes rattling and organ chords whirring as the members of Wasuta line-danced and clapped along to the country-western refrains of “Chiisana Chiisana”. The fans mirrored them in forming a conga line and marching from end to end of Zepp Diver City.

Sharing their thoughts on their performance, the members of Wasuta were full of gratitude and happiness. Ruka admitted to being full of anxiety ever since Zepp Diver City was announced but was relieved that so many people came out to see them. Hazuki lamented that the concert ended before she realized it but had no regrets concerning her performance. Nanase struggled to contain her tears as she shared with the fans that she tried to look at everyone’s faces and remember them as to not forget the evening, adding that she felt that Wasuta had evolved in a very short time. Ririka took a while to being speaking, turning away from the crowd several times as she was overwhelmed by her emotions. With tears running down her face, she thanked everyone for making the day successful, vowing that they would be working hard to repay the kindnesses received.

Introducing the NEKONOTE BAND, Wasuta asked them questions like, “How did you approach playing your instruments tonight?”, “How are your muscles?”, and “Will you get along with us more?”. Announcements of a 9-city national tour in the autumn and the confirmation of Wasuta’s appearance at Japan Expo Paris 2017 were followed by a commemorative photo with the audience.

Wasuta brought their magical evening to a close with “Yakusoku Dakara”, reaching their pinky fingers out towards the audience as they rocked along to the emotional punk rock arrangement. Shouting out towards the NEKONOTE BAND, the members erupted into a series of solos and thanking the fans, a silver shower of streamers fluttering down on the crowd. Hitting the audience with 5 band flourishes, Wasuta put the final exclamation point on the day with a jump. Joining hands, they took their bows and marched offstage and onto their next quest as The World Standard.

Even with so many Japanese artists striving for international breakthrough, Wasuta has been leveling up quickly and have become one of the fastest-growing groups with their eclectic sound, high-powered performances, and cute appearances. For them to be able to fill Zepp Diver City with so many hot-blooded fans in such a short time since their debut is nothing short of incredible. It will be exciting to see what new borders they will cross through as they continue their journey!

Photos by Nathan Gey

Set List

00 Overture
01 Inu-Neko. Seishun Massakari
02 Kanzen Naru Idol
03 Gu-Choki Pantsu no Seigi-san
04 Yuumei ni, Nyaritai
05 Doki Doki♡today
06 Nikoniko Han-bun-ko
07 Pawawawawan!!! Power Puff Girls
08 NEW Nyaku Nyaku Nya Suizokan 2
09 Magical Word
10 Nee Ai Shite Mite
11 Lan Lan Jidai
12 Zili Zili Love
13 Suki na Hito toka Imasuka
14 Just be yourself
15 Wonderful・World
16 Ultra Mirakurukuru Ultimate Choco Beam

E1 stay with me baby
E2 Chiisana Chiisana
E3 Yakusoku Dakara

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