The Future Pirate King?! Wasuta Shows Their Cute ONE PIECE Cosplay!
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Wasuta appeared with ONE PIECE characters’ cosplay at the event of cosplay TV program “COS COS PLAY PLAY”!


Wasuta firstly performed the theme song for ONE PIECE “Believe” and then sang the song “Inu Neko. Seisyun Massakari”. Kendo Kobayashi, Japanese famous comedian, said that he got angry with them at their song which did not relate to ONE PIECE but he at last forgave them for their cuteness.


Many groups showed their cosplay but those of Wasuta looked so similar to the character on the comics, that some people said that they even were moved by their cosplay and cuteness.

img-wasuta-one-piece-02 img-wasuta-one-piece-03


Usual Wasuta 


ONE PIECE Cosplay Wasuta


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