Kamiyado Kick Off Spring 2017 Tour in Sapporo!

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Kamiyado Kick Off Spring 2017 Tour in Sapporo!

Photo by 真島洸(M.u.D)

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Kamiyado heated up the north with their power-packed first one-man live in Hokkaido as they started their spring tour at Sapporo DUCE on March 4, 2017.


With a shout of “Iku yo!” from Mei Hashima, the members of Kamiyado burst onto the stage, rattling through a series of what might be considered their “self-introduction songs” in “Hissatsu! Chō-KAMIYADO Senpū”, “Zenkai! KAMIYADO World”, and “Hajimari no Kane wo Narase”. Backing off on the throttle with “Ano ko ni Bareru yōna…”, “Bokura wa Ai wo Shinjiteru”, and “Jōnetsu wa Tariteruka?”, Kamiyado paused to greet the kakifu (舁夫, Kamiyado term for fans).

With 5 performances outside of Tokyo, each of the 5 members were placed in charge of planning the set lists and it was revealed that Naho Sekiguchi was the one responsible for the first day. She explained, “I wanted to have a live where we could build unity with everyone is here so I put songs like ‘Hissatsu’ and ‘Zenkai’ at the beginning to get everyone excited and followed it up with some sad songs after that and coming up next are songs where everyone can dance along with us so, please dance with us!”

Living up to her promise, Kamiyado launched into “Kamchatka Adventure”, “Action!”, “Bi・Bi・Bi♡”, “Odore! Kamiyado Carnival”, “Harajuku Sentai! KAMIYADO Ranger”, and “Summer Dream”, heating up the air inside Sapporo DUCE. Sekiguchi prefaced the last song of the main performance “Mirai no Uta” by saying, “I think you all are running alongside us to our tour finale in Tokyo on April 30th but, I hope we can make some lasting memories together with each performance.”

Returning for the finale, Kamiyado shook up the kakifu one last time with “KMYD” before sharing their impressions of the first day of the tour and their first one-man live in Hokkaidō.


Naho Sekiguchi “It was way more fun than I expected. I’m looking forward to the rest of the tour even more now!”


Mika Ichinose “Even though today’s live is over, it’s our start to the next step. I hope to have everyone come see us again at our tour finale at Shinagawa on April 30th.”


Hina Koyama “Because the first day of a tour is really important and this is only our second time in Hokkaido, and it’s so far from Tokyo, I was wondering if it would be okay but, for everyone to come and see us with such a warm reception, I feel this was a really good start and want to make the rest of the tour a huge success too!”


Mei Hashima “It’s the opening day so everyone was in the back feeling nervous but, as soon as we came onto the stage and felt everyone’s warmth and fighting spirit, all my worries faded away and with this momentum, I want us to ‘conquer’ Hokkaido!”


Miki Hashima “I was worried because it was the first day but as soon as the live began and I could see everyone smiling and having fun, I was relieved. During recent lives, I haven’t been much of a leader but the kakifu would often tell me things like, ‘Minyan, try a little harder!’ so for this tour, as the leader, I want to pull everyone along so, everyone please come to all the lives!”


In the lobby of Sapporo DUCE there was a large banner on display where fans could write messages to Kamiyado. It will travel with the group as they continue their tour in Sendai (March 19), Aichi (April 2), Fukuoka (April 8), Osaka (April 16), and the tour finale in Tokyo (April 30). Tickets are almost sold out so don’t miss out!

Photos by 真島洸(M.u.D)

Set List

01 Hissatsu! Chō-KAMIYADO Senpū
02 Zenkai! KAMIYADO World
03 Hajimari no Kane wo Narase
04 Ano ko ni Bareru yōna…
05 Bokura wa Ai wo Shinjiteru
06 Jōnetsu wa Tariteiruka?
07 Kamchatka Adventure
08 Action!
09 Bi・Bi・Bi♡
10 Odore! Kamiyado Carnival
11 Harajuku Sentai! KAMIYADO Ranger
12 Summer Dream
13 Mirai no Uta


Kami ga Yadoru Basho〜Daremo Mita koto no nai Basho he Tobitatō!〜 Kamiyado Spring 2017 Tour

March 19, 2017 (Sunday)
Sendai HOOK
Open – 5:30pm Start – 6:00pm

April 2, 2017 (Sunday)
Open – 5:30pm Start – 6:00pm

April 8, 2017 (Saturday)
Fukuoka PEACE
Open – 5:30pm Start – 6:00pm

April 16, 2017 (Sunday)
Umeda Shangri-la
Open – 5:30pm Start – 6:00pm

April 30, 2017 (Sunday)
Shinagawa Stellar Ball
Open – 5:00pm Start – 6:00pm

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