Wasuta Unleash MV for “Ultra Mirakurukuru Final Ultimate Choco Beam”!

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Wasuta Unleash MV for “Ultra Mirakurukuru Final Ultimate Choco Beam”!

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Wasuta (The World Standard) have loaded up the MV for “Ultra Mirakurukuru Ultimate Choco Beam”, the lead track from their self-titled 1st album “The World Standard” (release date: May 4)!

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Dressed in cute pastel magical girl themed outfits designed by Yu Kimura, the members of Wasuta set out on a quest to defeat several wild creatures in a magical world set in a role-playing game. The lyrics were written by their producer Manaka Suzuki, who also composed the music alongside the arranger Hiroki Sagawa. The choreography is by Ayumi Takada.

“The World Standard” will be released in 110 countries worldwide, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria, just to name a few.

CD/DVD/Blu-ray version

CD/DVD/Blu-ray version

For the versions being sold in Japan (and available for purchase online), there will be a CD/DVD/Blu-ray limited version and a regular CD version. The Blu-ray/DVDs will include footage from Wasuta’s 1st solo concert “The World Standard” held at Shibuya Quattro on February 28, 2016, and the MVs for “Ultra Mirakurukuru Final Ultimate Choco Beam” and “Inu-Neko. Seishun Massakari”! Inside the special box case, there is also a paper dollhouse with cut-outs of the members of Wasuta! The regular CD version includes a bonus song titled “Ima wa Mukashi”.

Track List

01 Ultra Mirakurukuru Final Ultimate Choco Beam
02 Doki Doki♡today
03 Wonderful・World
04 Suki na Hito toka Imasuka
05 Zili Zili Love
06 Lanlan・Jidai
07 Nikoniko Han-bun-ko
08 Suika-wari
09 Chiisana Chiisana
10 Inu-Neko. Seishun Massakari
11 Ima wa Mukashi (regular version exclusive)

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The World Standard (Blu-ray/DVD version)


The World Standard (Regular version)

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