Black and White: PassCode Initiates a New Sequence in the MV for “AXIS”!

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Black and White: PassCode Initiates a New Sequence in the MV for “AXIS”!

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Hackers (name for PassCode fans) rejoice! PassCode has revealed the MV for “AXIS” from their upcoming second album “VIRTUAL” (release date: TBA)!

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“AXIS” swings towards PassCode’s electronicore sound with its auto-tuned vocals, fast and heavy instrumentation, and of course, Yuna Imada’s snarling death screams. However, unlike some of their past songs, the use of electronic sounds are sparingly used and don’t take the song into an entirely different direction midway through. Visually, PassCode in hooded sweatshirts is a bit of a throwback to the MVs for “Asterisk”, “XYZ”, and “Gekidou Progressive”. If you really like the sound of “AXIS”, you might also want to check out the electronicore band Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas from Kobe.

The album was announced during their January 2, 2016 one-man live at Akasaka Blitz along with the news of Zepp Diver City one-man live scheduled for August 8, 2016 (the day after Tokyo Idol Festival 2016). So far, the most specific information is that it will be released “Spring 2016”.

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