Fantabulous DANCE MUSIC project “VIVIVID” Finally Unveiled Full MV for “LOVE2MOVE”

Fantabulous DANCE MUSIC project “VIVIVID” Finally Unveiled Full MV for “LOVE2MOVE”

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It has already drawn attention that Tokyo-representative models, Arisa Ueno, Natsumi Saito, and Kurumi Nakata, make their appearance in the jacket covers and teaser MV for a new DANCE MUSIC project called “VIVIVID.”


Now, the full MV for VIVIVID’s world debut song “LOVE2MOVE” has been unveiled on December 3, and finally from December 4, their first EP has been available around the world through major digital distribution services such as iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon MP3.


The Music Video was produced by the hottest video artists, Mr.Maro and MMM, who belong to a Hip Hop group “stillichimiy.” 3 popular models play each role : Arisa Ueno is a psychic, Natsumi Saito is a magical girl, and Kurumi Nakata is a gunman. They show off stunning acting just like artist. The MV depicts Tokyo extremely humorous: Desert, Castle town of Edo, Models grow gigantic,  A large march in the real town of Tokyo such as Shibuya and Omotesando, Comical Dance, Fireworks against the backdrop of Tokyo Landscape, and so on.

VIVIVID’s first EP “LOVE2MOVE” has been started to be distributed by the world famous music aggregator “TUNECORE” to all over the world. The EP features the other original songs: “Dancing Flowers”,”Life Is Only Once”, and “It’s A Big One.” Furtheremore, it also includes Remix versions of “LOVE2MOVE” and “Dancing Flowers” produced by Bapjap, an up‐and‐coming sound creator.

Take a look on the MV below and please check out whole tracks at distribution stores!

VIVIVID’s Concept

Since 2013,TOKYO
With members and the numbers of the group unknown.
No one knows . . . “VIVIVID,” a mysterious creative pack.

It’s the time for us It’s our turn
Earth keeps spinning, but morning won’t come here, never.

Download “LOVE2MOVE”

iTunesAmazon MP3

<Track List>

M2. Dancing Flowers
M3. Life Is Only Once
M4. It’s A Big One
M5. LOVE2MOVE(Bapjap Remix)
M6. Dancing Flowers (Bapjap Remix)

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