Are You Crazy? UPUPGIRLS (KARI) Release Lyric Video for Summer Song “Appaare”!

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Are You Crazy? UPUPGIRLS (KARI) Release Lyric Video for Summer Song “Appaare”!

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It might feel like the “End Of The Season” as temperatures begin to drop but, UPUPGIRLS (KARI) have made a splash with the overwhelming wet and wild lyric video for their latest summer song “Appaare”!

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Set on a rooftop packed with inflatable wading pools, super soakers, and other beach toys, the energetic UPUPGIRLS (KARI) go wild spraying water all over the place. Combined with the brightly colored lyrics flashing across the screen, it almost feels like you are right there in the middle of a water war with them! When they ask several times, “Are you crazy?”, during the song, you might feel like asking them back, “Are you crazy for releasing this video now? Summer is pretty much over! When is this being released as a single?” There might be a 1080p version but, with so much going on, there might not be enough pixels to keep up? Below is one of the clearest screenshots from the MV.


Those who bought their tour DVD “Zenkoku 47 Todofuken Tour 2015 -Run! Apuga Run! Dash-” (release date: August 18) were able to get the song via a music card that was included in it but, everyone else has to wait. In the meantime, here are a few more performances of “Appaare” that can be seen on the UPUPGIRLS (KARI) YouTube channel.


TFM Hall (July 25, 2015)

Saga GEILS (August 4, 2015)

Akita Club SWINDLE (August 11, 2015)

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Up Up Girls (Kari) Zenkoku 47 Todofuken Tour 2015 -Run! Apuga Run! Dash- / Up Up Girls (Kari)

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