UPUPGIRLS Manami Arai Creamed in Birthday Live

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UPUPGIRLS Manami Arai Creamed in Birthday Live

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Seven girls unit UPUPGIRLS KAKKO KARI held a birthday live for the member Manami Arai aka Maana who was celebrated her 16th birthday in AKIBA Cultures Theater on December 1.

Maana, who is a main character of this day also served as a shadow announcer of the venue, attracted the fans with the cute voice.

When songs “You’re the best” and “Seishun buildup” which are Maana’s favorites started, the venue turned her personal color blue. Maana spent November 19, the day of her birthday with the members. It was revealed that the member Saki Mori gave her candies and snacks thinking “for 2 month”, but Maana ate all in five days only.

In the “common sense quize” that Maana planned, guest MC Sawayaka Goro appeared in the audiences’ warm booing. Maana who wore the glasses in H!P Egg era, excited the venue by her appearance of wearing glasses for the first time in a long time.

In the second half, a new song “Nijiiro Mosaic ( rainbow mosaic)” to be released on December 25 has been premiered. The other new song “ENJOY!! ENJO(Y)!!” is a hard tune which incorporates EDM exquisitely mixed, the venue reached a climactic stage. UPUPGIRLS finished the birthday live showing off “Starry Night” that Manami Arai takes the main vocals for the first time.

Although it seemed to ended in peace, but the other members ambushed Maana who was about to leave the stage, blessed her with a cream pie. Maana who on stage again in cream covered, told the enthusiasm to fan, “I think 16 years old is an important year, therefore I’d like to live well,” with a smile.

UPUPGIRLS is going to carry out “UPUPGIRLS KAKKO KARI Nana Dai Toshi (Kari)Ka Sakusen! (Operation UPG 7 Cities “Kari-zation”)” from December 3 to 8.

Operation Seven Cities “Kari-zation” is the group’s first solo promotional activities of heading towards the realization of the national live tour next spring. In order to increase level of nationwide familiarity, each member is responsible for one person per city.

written by Yuji Hara

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