UNBELIEVABLE LINEUP! Country Girls, Tokyo Performance Doll, lyrical School Gather in Shibuya!
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UPDATE girls LIVE will be held at Shibuya WWW in 2nd December, 2015! The lineup is lyrical School, Tokyo Performance Doll, and Country Girls!




lyrical school recently announced the graduation of Hina and joining of Hime (ex-rhymeberry). There are only a few chances left to watch lyrical school with her since she will withdraw from the group in 13th December, 2015. It will be a good opportunity to see her off for the further step.

In addition, this event is a rare opportunity to feel Country Girls’ cute performance! They usually appear themselves only in Hello! Project’s concerts. Tokyo Performance Doll’s powerful but sophisticated live performance cannot be overlooked.

Live Information:
Title:UPDATE girls LIVE
DATE:2nd December, 2015
Open:18:00 Start:18:30
Place:Shibuya WWW
Presale: 4,500 Door: 5,000 yen

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