Dance Vocal Unit PINK CRES. LIVE TOUR 2019 ~CONFUSION~Report in Japan

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Dance Vocal Unit PINK CRES. LIVE TOUR 2019 ~CONFUSION~Report in Japan

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On October 14, the final performance of LIVE TOUR 2019 ~ CONFUSION ~, which started in July, was held with 2 performances in the afternoon and at night.

PINK CRES. is a three-member dance and vocal unit made up of members Hikaru Kobayashi and Yu-ka Nihei, who were selected by audition mainly by Miyabi Natsuyaki formerly from Hello! Project’s Berryz Kobo. The members are not only highly skilled but also boast a good sense of fashion, while also being active in modelling and radio.

The 1st single “Tokyo Confusion: A woman from the universe ain’t easy” was released in May 2019 before the tour.

PINK CRES.[Tokyo Confusion]

The final day of the tour was held at Shinjuku ReNY, an important place for the three members who had held their first one-man live there.

There were not only male fans but also many excited girls who enjoyed cute and fashionable street fashion.

Five minutes before the start of the performance, Yu-ka Nihei explained the precautions, tripping over her words as always in typical fashion that endeared her to the fans. With that amusing announcement, the audience was relaxed and light-hearted.

The SE played right on the dot, and three members emerged among the neon lights dressed in beautiful, sheer costumes to the cheers of the audience.


They kicked off the first song with, “Tokyo Confusion”, their single released in May
In the second song “P.I.N.K.” with the shout of “P.I.N.K. CRES.!”
There was a sense of unity between the stage and the audience.
They followed with the third song, “Kirei Kawaii Mirai”.
Their performances and talks were filled not only with cuteness but also their inner power and friendliness.

At the first MC, Miyabi Natsuyaki commented that she had been worried about the event due to the typhoon that hit the Kanto region, but expressed her joy in meeting everyone and wanted to enjoy the day together. Soon, Hikaru Kobayashi’s title call led to the 4th song, “true love.”.

In the 5th song, “fun fun fun”, Hikaru Kobayashi’s pure voice stood out, complementing the music.
The music was colorful, and amazed the audience together with the superb performance of each of the three members. It showcased the explosive power of the group as well as “fun fun fun”.
Then, it opened up into an aesthetic and mellow world that spread across the venue, as they sang “Route Sixteen” “Clumsy me” and “think over”.

In the 9th song “Uwanosora” and “Katasumi” with MC in between, the scene where the 3 singers and the dance unit was fancy and cute, and drawing the crowd into the world of lyrics filled with excitement and frustration of a girl in love.

As the song ended, Miyabi Natsuyaki and Yu-ka Nihei stepped away and Hikaru Kobayashi began her solo stage of Berryz Kobo’s cover song “Yuuki wo Kudasai!”. The whole stage was used to liven up the venue with Hikaru calls and hand claps.
Miyabi Natsuyaki then appeared to take the baton, giving an emotional rendition of “1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou ” in a special version. After that, Miyabi Natsuyaki and Yu-ka Nihei sang a cover of the Berryz Kobo song “Good bye to the lying me “.

After changing into a white costume, Hikaru Kobayashi joined Miyabi Natsuyaki and Yu-ka Nihei for the MC. From Kobayashi’s long-cherished wish for a reprint of sweets,
A scene played on screen, showing people in the confectionery manufacturing industry are looking for people in the venue. From the friendly atmosphere just as they were, to a scene of the 14th performance “It’s You” and a scene of the three members gazing at each other while performing, we could see the good relationship.

In the second half, the uniform costume in white saw a power up in the dance performance, and the main performance was cool and cooler again.
To “BLACK OUT” of the 15 songs, “Etcetera” of the 16 songs, and “Tell me why” of the last 17 songs in the latter half.
As if the place was constantly changing, the freshness continued and lasted for 2 hours in a blink of an eye. The group danced and sang with a constant smile on their faces, showing the utmost professionalism without losing breath.

In response to the cheers from the venue, saying “PINK” and “CRES”, the 3 changed into tour T-shirts with the PINKCRES logo and the encore started. The 1st encore song was “A woman from the universe ain’t easy” and the 2nd song was “Warning ~Mirai Keihou~”, and the venue was excited with energetic performance until the end.

PINK CRES.[A woman from the universe ain’t easy.]

The three members gave their last MC.
Yu-Ka Nihei said that she had rediscovered her love for singing and dancing on this tour, as Hikaru Kobayashi thanked everyone for gathering for PINKCRES during this short time. Even though Miyabi Natsuyaki had worried and worried about the typhoon, she expressed her gratitude for the people who had still gathered for them, with tears and warm applause from the audience.

The last song was “Summer Wonderland”, a performance that sparkled as if a new door opened for the three members to start their future anew.
I saw their stage for the first time, and I felt that it was time for them not only to experience extraordinary things, but also to be aware of their own strengths in the midst of fun when they were able to experience things up close.

The styling of the costume by Miyabi Natsuyaki, it was sheer and cute, the material and vivid coloring were spicy and cool.

Her own apparel brand “PIMMY” is also popular.
Miyabi Natsuyaki’s Apparel Brand “PIMMY” Instagram

Her songs and dances were so cute and effortless skills that I was drawn to them, and I was really impressed by the beauty of her harmony lines that not only her main part but also to harmonize other members. Between the words in the lyrics and the dynamics of the voice were cool.

Yu-ka Nihei of sharp singing, dancing and good talk. Hikaru Kobayashi’s rap parts also showcased her character, bringing anticipation of PINK CRES.’s future performances.

01 Tokyo Confusion
02 P・I・N・K
03 Kirei Kawaii Mirai
04 True Love.
05 Fun Fun Fun
06 Route Sixteen
07 Clumsy me
08 Think over
09 Uwanosora
10 Katasumi
11 Yuuki wo Kudasai!
12 1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou
13 Good bye to the lying me
14 It’s YOU
16 Etcetera
17 Tell me why
EN1 Warning ~Mirai Keihou~
EN2 A woman from the universe ain’t easy
EN3 Summer wonderland

(LEFT:Yu-ka Nihei, MIDDLE:Miyabi Natsuyaki, RIGHT:Hikaru Kobayashi)

With Miyabi Natsuyaki at the center, the dance and vocal group was formed by Hikaru Kobayashi and Yu-ka Nihei who were chosen by auditions. We aim to be a fashionable girls group that not only men but also women will fall in love at first sight, and we give lessons every day.

H.I.P. presents FUMI FES. vol.6『3 Matsuri』
December 28th, 2019 (Saturday)
At Kashiwa PALOOZA
Ticket:adv. 3,900 yen/ Door 4,400 yen(Without 1 drink)
*General Sales Day of each Play Guide: Late November

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