Tsunku♂’s True Thought for Next single “TIKI BUN”

Tsunku♂’s True Thought for Next single “TIKI BUN”

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As you see in the special website for Morning Musume.’14 Sayumi Michishige‘s graduation, we’re facing the big day coming up. Here I’d like to introduce the producer Tsunku♂‘s thoughtful liner notes for her last single. I hope you can see how things went on in his mind and hope it helps you make the next single to remember.



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It’s Morning Musume.’s 57th single.
This is a triple A-side single.

Lyrics / phrase flashed through my head with its melody.
In the beginning I put “TIKI BUN” on trial, then I was going to rephrase it.
But I couldn’t think of nothing better than “TIKI BUN”,
I kept working on writing with the first flash.

A formation dance has been familiar to us in recent days.
It’s easy to give them a fast BPM song to make their formation dance up, so that they can dance just for fun, but instead, I shaped it for them to steadily create their dance in a settled rhythm.

The population of the whole earth keeps rising.
Things like the global food problem and fuel energy are really serious.
Japan is facing the falling birth rate, and there are more and more aging people in this country.
Under such unbalanced environment, “TIKI BUN” was born as a song Morning Musume should sing.
I made the song to create a supportive environment for each of us to take care of the planet.
Therefore, the members will feel it by singing this song cool and smart.

“Shaba Daba Doo”
Michishige’s solo track.
She went through a lot to get where she is, grousing about her less solo part.
I think she did a wonderful job throughout her career.
A song someone like her sings for the finale…
Solo? small group? cover of Morning Musume? Or original song!?
I got a lot in my head.
Then I had a sense that it’d be good if she could keep her taste right up to the very last moment.
I made it a little bit jazzy, but cute at the same time.

A whispering delivery, sing in a whispery voice.
The lyrics…it’s up to her how she feels after she read it,
Whether it’s the fruit of many years of hard work, or just a mere guess of mine.
We’ll see it later, in somewhere like her interview.
Fukumura plays the counterpart voice in the first verse, Iikubo does in the second.

“Mikaeri Bijin”
The third one is a young members’ farewell song to Michishige,
So the nine members sing it.

It’s a song from the juniors to Michishige, who’s been working really hard for 11 years.

I called on Mr. Shinichi Ishihara to write the song, and Mr. Tetsuya Gen to compose because those two veteran creators have been making songs respecting tradition way more than me. Also, I wanted to express Michishige’s caring attitude for the juniors, as “classic Japanese woman” in a group-oriented culture.

I hope any juniors in a school, company, and club will sing it for their seniors.

About a song arrangement, I worked on it with little awareness of new trends, but tried to use the natural energy which the given demos hold as much as possible.

I believe I’m not only one who don’t want the graduation happen. However at the same time, fans can’t wait listening to the new single! Tsunku♂ and his ten musumes worked up for Sayumi’s finale.

When she took the “LOVE Audition 2002”, Morning Musume was the center of the nation. Everybody talked about the group and sang their songs in karaoke party. Ten years later, when she finally became the leader of Morning Musume, she saw people forgot about the heat. She came to believe her mission as a leader is to take the heat back. Appearing on variety shows, magazines, events, we’ve been witnessing her demonstrating her commitment to a mission.

Although God only knows if her last single (Morning Musume.’14’s 57th single) got 6 consecutive number one in a sales ranking, we really want to present the crown to her finale.

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written by Yuji Hara

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