Hello! Project Producer Tsunku♂ Revealed to Have Lost his Voice After Having Vocal Cords Removed

Hello! Project Producer Tsunku♂ Revealed to Have Lost his Voice After Having Vocal Cords Removed

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Tsunku♂, producer and primary composer/lyricist for Hello! Project and vocalist of Japanese rock band Sharam Q, was revealed to have lost his voice due to the removal of his vocal cords in his ongoing battle against his laryngeal cancer.

Appearing as a surprise guest at the entrance ceremony of his alma mater Kinki University on April 4th, Tsunku♂ addressed the new students in the form of a letter, the words “congratulations on your university entrance” appearing on a screen behind him before the chairman of the university read for him.

Tsunku♂ explained that as part of his cancer treatment, he had chosen to “throw away his precious voice for the chance of continuing to live”. He continued by saying, “like you, I am at a starting point. I would like to be given the chance to produce this entrance ceremony. I have a request to ask of this university. I remember back then thinking, ‘I’m glad to have graduated from this university. If I can somehow be useful, I will try my very best!’ I have begun to walk this new path without my voice. In a way, I am just like you. There are things I can do and things that I cannot do but, I am focusing on the things that I can do.”

In a blog post from that same day, Tsunku reassured fans that he is still working on composing and producing music as well as writing a book based on his mental state as he continues to fight the cancer and looking to develop new skills to “remain useful”.

While these were just excerpts from his speech and blog entry, the humility and grace of Tsunku♂ under such circumstances is amazing. Despite having a career as a vocalist of one of Japan’s most famous bands and composing/producing a majority of the songs for Hello! Project, one of the flagship’s of the current idol scene, he is still working hard to find new ways to affect the lives of people in a positive way!

We may never again hear him sing “Single Bed” as he did in the video below but, Tsunku♂’s actions have and will always speak louder than his words.

If you are a Hello! Project fan, what are your favorite songs written by Tsunku♂? Let’s send him our best wishes for his recovery and journey down his new path in life by celebrating all the amazing music he has created during his career!

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