How Tsunku♂ Sees Current Members of Juice=Juice

How Tsunku♂ Sees Current Members of Juice=Juice

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As some of you may know, the Hello! Project producer Tsunku♂ often shows a deep love for the H!P members through his blog, when a single or an album is released.



Because the article about the members of MM.’14 got good response, please let us try to have J=J version! (Check the MM’14 version here! )
The original has been posted on March 21, right after their 3rd single was released.

The oldest member in the group, Yuka Miyazaki:

She is a bit airhead for her age but, became the leader simply because she’s the oldest.
However, she is a different type of innate goofy from other ditzy members in Hello! Project.
It might be because she is the first member in H!P history who is from Ishikawa Prefecture.
I hope she will be a nice lady as representatives of girls from the region.
That doesn’t mean I want her to get sophisticated at all though.

I hope she will be a unique person, valuing her indescribable “take-it-easy-aura” and “hesitating-look!”

Tomoko Kanazawa:
Roughly since her debut as J=J was decided, she lost weight well over 5kg whether conscious or unconscious.

I never asked her so it’s just my guess though.

Her white skin, thick eyebrows, and chiseled eyes for Japanese, those give us the impression that she has strong feature. At the same time, she has very soft voice, and that is becoming quite attractive and distinctive.

She is too good to lose some more weight.

Sayuki Takagi:
A girl of fighting instinct. I have had the impression that she changed her hair style, and character several years ago. Then there was a period when she tried to hide her face line with her hair.
While I was thinking what happened to her, she turned very attractive and as free as a bird by the time Juice=Juice was formed.

If her effort overlapped considerably with her fighting spirit, I believe a significant growth will be given.

Karin Miyamoto:
I had an image of her as “the self-assertive” but, now she has grown up, can look around her, and became a capable member.
She looks she has come to understand what teachers and staff feel, and want to say.
Song and dance became reliable too.

However, I encourage her further effort to gain patterns of expressions on stage! On recording!

Akari Uemura:
Before she made her debut, I was like, “Ehshe may be not interested in singing or Hello! Project but aggressive mother would keep nagging herforcing her to do it! do it!”
I was wrong, she was really into it too.
She was a type of being misunderstood by looks.
She’s been clearly emerging as an idol these days.

Her dance and singing are far from a goal.
She hasn’t seen anything yet, the real part has only just begun.

The words of the gifted producer/musician are quite tough to translate, but thank you for reading!

written by Yuji Hara

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Yuji Hara

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