Tsunku♂ writes Commentary about All Members of Morning Musume.’14

Tsunku♂ writes Commentary about All Members of Morning Musume.’14

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Tsunku♂, the H!P producer has posted the commentary for all the members of MM.’14 to his blog on April 1.



You can check Tsunku♂’s post here:
You’re going to find love.


She’s been getting a dignitive aura, speech power too.
Although she has emphasized the poor of singing ability, not anymore.
She developed her dancing capabilities too, she improved a lot.

She lately scolds the naughty members for not getting things well but,
I want to tell Michishige of 10 years ago about it.

She looked slow when she was a H!P Trainee but, her dance has become more powerful.
Moreover, she’s gotten sharpness at dancing, expressive look at singing.
Although she improved a lot, she gets panic when a little accident happens, or asked for an improvisation, in other words, ad lib.

That’s what Fuku-chan is, that’s moe.

When I meet her, I always feel “here she comes!!”
I don’t know why, but I become happy when she comes into my sight.
I guess that’s because I get the feeling something is going to happen.
She practices both dancing and singing all the time, but, it often went bizarre.
I am like “what were you working on?”, but it’s fun.

Speaking of MV “Toki wo koe Sora wo koe”, please focus on her facial expressions.
Those are expressions in her way, which are very good.

She is wheter a real good girl, or simply an overly serious girl.
It’s a mystery whether she still has something up her sleeve.
But I can tell you she is upright in everything she does.
When she turns herself on, she keeps doing a thing till she does it right, by repeating the same thing again and again.

As she has such a great ability, she clashes, slips, and becomes slow when she turns herself off.

She has come to express herself well these days.
She worries me a bit when she hesitates, but I feel something started inside of her.
I think Morning Musume.’14 will become a common face on TV when she breaks through as a star.

Because she has a certain level of dancing and singing skills from the beginning, she will jump when she picks a cue.

She’s on a fast track right now. A person who has no dancing/singing background booms rapidly.
She’s the senior in the group next to Michishige, but was the girl who had nothing about those skills.
She will absorb what she needs like a desert dust, with deep root growth.

I didn’t expect her “sweet devil” aspect has grown that much.
She is already 17 but, the character pales in comparison to 17 years old girls on the earth.
Because she is short, she looks younger than reality , but she wears a sharp look.
She’d be more convincing if she can put much expression in singing.

I’m looking forward.

Ummmm, how would you face her if you were me, she is that uncanny.
We had girls like Tsuji&Kago in the past, but it’s not the same.
She has an appropriate side, and knows well about music, but her behavior sounds like breaking glass, “gasyaaan, pariiiiin“.

Like I said, she knows what music is, so she will improve a lot if she was motivated by the heart, not by reasons.

As for her, she is ditzy, an airhead girl.
It is funny that she thinks she is steady person.
And she is becoming really beautiful.
It will take one or two more years to have powerful performance.
She will be a dependable member if she kept the ditzy character until then.

She established herself in the group, has come to belong to MM.’14.
Sometimes she shows the matureness as if she is over 30, and has 3 years old baby face the other time.
The voice is matured, with steady sound.
She has a very high chance to be an awesome singer, unless she sings depending on a manipulative technique.
Because she became a high school student, I want her to graduate from being “diva of a town” but aiming for “world diva”.


The MM members listed above will face a new member / members soon.

I am looking forward to seeing her / them very much.

Thank you for reading!!

written by Yuji Hara

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Yuji Hara

I lost my way in life due to the hiatus of Berryz Kobo.

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