Hello! Project Producer Tsunku♂ Announces His Graduation

Hello! Project Producer Tsunku♂  Announces His Graduation

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Tsunku♂, producer and primary composer/lyricist for Hello! Project and vocalist of Japanese rock band Sharam Q, announced his graduation from Hello! Project. After raising up several generations of idols beginning with the creation of Morning Musume. in 1997, the “father” of Hello! Project is taking a step back from his “children” as part of his continuing battle with the laryngeal cancer which already claimed his vocal cords.

Morning Musume. “Love Machine” (1999)
Lyrics and music by Tsunku♂

In his new book “Dakara, Ikiru” (Therefore, I live) which was released on September 10, 2015, Tsunku♂ goes further in depth about the circumstances and innermost thoughts surrounding his current situation. He reveals that he decided to step away after Morning Musume. performed in New York in October of 2014. The book also discusses the months leading up to the surgical removal of his vocal cords the following spring and the struggles he faced with that difficult decision. For someone who devoted more than half their life to music and the raising of new talents, which also included producing music videos and concerts, the pain of losing their singing voice is unimaginable.

Morning Musume. “Shabondama” (2003)
Lyrics and music by Tsunku♂

Although the days of hearing his deep backing vocals and sometimes incomprehensible Kansai dialect when addressing the members of Hello! Project (or whatever other idols he was working with) may be gone, Tsunku♂ has continued working, even if it has been at a reduced pace. He produced and wrote lyrics for Chu-Z’s 3rd major label single “Tell me why Umarete Kita Imi Wo Shiritai” and a lullaby for songstress Kumiko titled “Umaretekitekurete, Arigatou”. This was in addition to writing the book and several other projects. With more time to spend with his family, Tsunku♂ commented, “I have finally begun to see the world which I had not been able to see until now. I am now able to reflect on all the works that I have created with a new perspective.”

Morning Musume. “Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke” (2013)
Lyrics and music by Tsunku♂

The September 10, 2015 episode of the NHK TV program “NEXT Mirai no Tame ni” will show coverage of Tsunku♂ working as well as spending down time in Hawaii and feature an interview with him and his wife, former model Kanako Idemitsu.

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Dakara, Ikiru

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