How Producer Tsunku♂ Enthusiastic About Hello! Project

How Producer Tsunku♂ Enthusiastic About Hello! Project

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The H!P producer Tsunku♂ has posted the commentary for the new song of MM.’14, “Password is 0” to his blog on February 14.
He stated a lot of the stories that are just between him and H! P universe. Such as a birth pains of a new song, technical descriptions of course, behind the scenes, and love for MM.’14 and live itself.
You can check Tsunku♂’s post here:
Commentary of MM.’14 “Password is 0”

“Password” has many meanings.
I interpret it as “watchword”, “Aikotoba” in Japanese. Thus, so I’ve started composing music with the theme “Aikotoba is zero”.
After I came up with a melody for 1st verse (A-Melo), composing went smoothly.
“Zero” of the “zero zero zero password is zero” part was supposed to stick with the melody, so I finished making the music and lyrics at the same time.
But in general, words like “zero” and “nothing” have a negative impression, don’t they?
Under the theme “zero”, I had a hard time to shape the whole meaning of the lyrics into a positive one.
But since I have noticed that “there’s zero reason to be born”, writing the lyrics went great.
Works that is “good!”, “I can!” in my head, don’t take a long time to finish after I’ve got a clue.

Actually, such works tend to lead to a good result!
Thus so, there’s zero to worry about the song for this time!

The song was formerly born to be a commercial song by request from au, but I shifted it from “cheerful, active song for a student discount” to “cool, speedy, and thrilling song” which is my color.
This is because I thought it will give MM.’14 a better and cooler performance, and will give their performance more energy.
Actually, their performance that I’ve seen was pretty hard, it is thrilling and cool.
The synchro rate of dance of 10 people is also pretty good.

We also translated his enthusiastic posts for the latest songs of Berryz Kobo and ºC-ute!!
Check them out too, and stay tuned!!!

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written by Yuji Hara

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