From “Brand Boy” to “Sexy Boy”? Tsunku♂ to Compose Chu-Z’s Next Single!

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From “Brand Boy” to “Sexy Boy”? Tsunku♂ to Compose Chu-Z’s Next Single!

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Girls’ dance and vocal group Chu-Z have attracted the interest of super producer Tsunku♂, who was so impressed with them that he will be composing their upcoming 3rd major label single, “Tell me why Umarete Kita Imi wo Shiritai” (release date: July 1). Despite the devastating announcement in April that Tsunku♂ had his vocal cords removed due to his ongoing laryngeal cancer treatment, it appears that he is making good on his promise to keep composing and writing new music.


Chu-Z’s producer YOHEI (PaniCrew) received the offer from Tsunku♂ via a junior associate and the wheels were set in motion. Tsunku♂ praised Chu-Z, commenting that his first impression was how gutsy and determined they were, and that he felt that they were a group that had great human interest, which inspired him to want to write a cool and beautiful song for them. The Japanese part of the song title translates to “I want to know why I was born”. Will this be a song that answers that question for Tsunku♂ as well as the 6 members of Chu-Z? Wait and see!

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