Good Feeling! Trailer for “Sailorfuku to Kikanju -Sotsugyo-” Kanna Hashimoto Unleashed!

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Good Feeling! Trailer for “Sailorfuku to Kikanju -Sotsugyo-” Kanna Hashimoto Unleashed!

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The trailer for “Sailorfuku to Kikanju -Sotsugyo-” starring the legendary “once in a thousand years idol” Kanna Hashimoto (Rev.from DVL) has been let loose! The film opens in theaters across Japan on March 5, 2016!

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Backup link on Oricon official YouTube channel

Kanna Hashimoto plays the 21st century incarnation of Izumi Hoshi, a high school girl who is trying to put her past of being the head of an organized crime family behind her. However, she is forced back into action in order to defend her community.

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