Love and Thank You: Rev.from DVL Announces Disbandment at the End of March 2017

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Love and Thank You: Rev.from DVL Announces Disbandment at the End of March 2017

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Rev.from DVL, the Fukuoka idol group thrust in the international spotlight with the discovery of the “once in a thousand years idol” Kanna Hashimoto, announced on their official site that they will be disbanding at the end of March 2017.

Originally a co-ed group named DVL that was formed in 2003, it was reinvented in 2011 as Rev.from DVL, riding the wave of Kyushu idols along with LinQ, HKT48, and HR. The discovery of Kanna Hashimoto and her being named the “once in a thousand years idol” by fans and netizens in 2013, gave Rev.from DVL a big boost in visibility, leading to their major label debut in 2014 with “LOVE-arigatou-“. With several members thinking about their futures (job hunting, school entrance exams, other activities), after extensive discussions, it was decided that Rev.from DVL would disband in order to allow them to begin the next chapter in their lives.

In addition to a best of album, Rev.from DVL will hold their final performances at Akasaka BLITZ on March 29th and Fukuoka Drum Logos on March 31st. Details on the future plans for the members of the group but, Airi Ikematsu, Saki Furusawa, Nanami Chikaraishi, and Hitomi Imai have already posted blog entries regarding the disbandment.

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